Dr. Vladimir Zelenko Voices the Opinions of Top Immunologists


"If you vaccinate people during an active pandemic, you are causing evolutionary pressure to make more dangerous variants."

"The same people that created the initial weapon could make the variants as well."

Gravitas: How Vaccine Makers could profit from boosters and variants – Rights and Freedoms - https://rightsfreedoms.wor...

Scientists at Walter Reed Army Institute Develop Vaccine ‘Effective Against COVID-19 and All Variants, Including Omicron’

Scientists at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR) say they have developed a vaccine that is effective against COVID-19 and all its variants, including the newly-discovered Omicron strain.

In a press release on Dec. 16, researchers in WRAIR’s Emerging Infectious Diseases Branch (EIDB) said that a series of preclinical study results had shown that the vaccine they have developed, known as the Spike Ferritin Nanoparticle (SpFN) COVID-19 vaccine, “not only elicits a potent immune response but may also provide broad protection against SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern as well as other coronaviruses.”

Scientists developed the SpFN nanoparticle vaccine, based on a ferritin platform, as part of a “forward-thinking pan-SARS strategy that aims to address the current pandemic and acts as the first line of defense against variants of concern and similar viruses that could emerge in the future.”


So, if the left is using the Greek Alphabet to name the variants, they skipped the letter Xi. I wonder why? 🤔🤣🤣

Why we can expect the new COVID shots, variants and lockdowns to keep on coming - LifeSite https://www.lifesitenews.c...

Vax Causes Variants, Hospitals Murder CV19 Patients – Dr. Elizabeth Eads USA WatchDog
Dr. Elizabeth Eads is back to update us from the front lines of medicine. Dr. Eads is treating patients who have been injected with the experimental CV19 so-called “vaccines.” Dr. Eads is witnessing the horror stories of treating the unvaxed who have been made sick by the “Fully Vaccinated.” The carnage continued after the vaxed and unvaxed got together for Thanksgiving. They showed up in her North Florida emergency rooms the next day with all sorts of trouble from the injections that Eads simply calls “bioweapons.” Eads explains, “The day after Thanksgiving and through the weekend in the ER, we saw all kinds of symptoms of unvaxed people. We saw chest pain, heart attack . . . head to toe . . . rashes, and in the first time in my 25 year career, I saw a patient come in with a ruptured left ventricle. That’s a ruptured heart muscle, and he had to immediately go to open heart surgery. That patient happened to be “Fully Vaccinated” and also had the (CV19) booster within a week before traveling. This is very concerning. We are seeing an uptick across the country with chest pain, sudden cardiac deaths. We are seeing myocarditis and pericarditis, whether you are vaccinated or not vaccinated, with the Covid vaccines. This rupture, we believe, was from a fully boosted patient who had the rupture because of the synthetic spike protein in the booster. This is all very concerning. There are also concerns for transmission of the spike proteins. . . . Pfizer had in their studies that there was transmission happening. That is true, it is in the documents. You can pull the FDA approval and see that there was transmission.”

So, this is transmission from the vaxed to the unvaxed? Dr. Eads says, “Correct.”


Video: Believe It Or Not . . . The SARS CoV2 Virus Has Never Been Proven To Exists!
The fact of the matter is NOBODY can produce samples of a properly isolated virus called SARS CoV2 which they allege is responsible for COVID-19 illness and all the fake variants that have followed! This video is a compellation that exposes that fact that nobody has produced ANY evidence of purified samples of a virus they have labeled SARS CoV2! It's all made up. It's all a massive FRAUD!

This is not the first time these murdering psychopaths like Fauci have done this. The inventor of the PCR process now being improperly used as a diagnostic test exposed the FACT that there is no study anywhere, to this very day, that proves and HIV virus causes AIDS.

House of COVID Cards Collapses: FDA Vaccine Panel Comes Out Against Deadly Injections – NewsWars - https://www.newswars.com/b...

The world is at least 50 years behind on technology that actually exists.

Do a search, because by 2030 up to 90% of all jobs are going to be automated. That means your gas stations, manufacturing, restaurants, stores, grocery, Wal-mart, Target, self-driving vehicles, infrastructure, everything...

The concept of "resources" being the reason for depopulation is COMPLETELY WRONG! Depopulation is not due to resources or global warming. It's happening because humans aren't needed, and if you eliminate humans for up to 90% of the jobs out there, then what do you have? Think about it for a moment.

You have A LOT OF PEOPLE with time on their hands to think about things that are wrong with the world, and those people will get upset, join together, rise up, and eventually a global revolution will occur.

The elite puppet masters KNOW THIS, and have known this for decades, which is why they are focused on depopulation.

There's so much confusion and ambiguity when it comes to people thinking the following:

-- Maybe the vaccines are to eliminate the people who won't comply, which are the people refusing the vaccines.

-- Maybe the vaccines are to eliminate the people who do comply, which are the people getting the vaccines.

THE TRUTH IS it's for everyone. They never would have released this if they didn't have a one-size-fits-all antidote for it. Trust that they have to cure for Covid-19, and whatever else they release, but their goal is to reduce humanity by 7/8ths, and it won't happen immediately. It will happen over the next decade.

We can hypothesize whatever scenarios, but the reality is sterilization, birth defects, variants, heart, lung, respiratory incidents and deaths will increase, and the disinformation machines will continue to drive division. It's not going to happen all at once. It will be over time, and they will constantly blame this group over that group.

We're seeing it today. Literally they created a virus from animal spike proteins to infect and kill humans. They released it on the world, and they have us blaming EACH OTHER. How f**ked is that? Unvaxxed (who are going to die) are blaming the vaxxed (who are going to die), and it will continue this way, all while being distracted from the real people who caused this to begin with.

So, what's the answer?

The same answer that has always been there, but we're so divided that it won't happen. A mass rising of everyone, most likely a violent revolution, and those in power, those complicit in the media, local, etc., have to be eliminated, and we take back the world.

People poke fun at Australia, saying, "Oh that isn't gonna happen here. They shouldn't have given up their guns." ---- have no idea that most of Australia is ARMED. They just don't have handguns like we do. Most Aussies still have hunting rifles and tons of ammo.

The elites have planned this for decades to perfection. Technology has advanced faster than our humanity.

I woke up realizing most of the world is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. If you're weak, live in a Liberal Shithole of a State or Country, you have no concept of freedom, and you cooperate with your captors.
Fauci, Gates, Obama, NIH, Wuhan, China performed gain of function research, and patented it in 2000. They mutated the Coronavirus with animal proteins, so they could infect humans.
Yet, people blame the unvaccinated instead of the people who literally created Sars1, Sars2.
It's a fact that they created the mRNA injections, tried them on Sars-Cov1, and they killed ALL of the animals, and ALL of the test subjects they tried the vaccines on either died quickly, or within years due to not being able to fight off future infections of any kind.
Now, those of you who got the jabs are super spreaders. Israel proves it. They are the most vaccinated nation on the planet, even with their 3rd shots (boosters), and all of them got the Pfizer vaccine. They now have the highest spread, highest hospitalizations, and highest deaths.
F*ck outta here!
You got the shots, I wish you well. I think you made an extremely poor decision, but I don't wish any harm upon you. I hope you make it. I hope you aren't sterile. I hope you don't kill others shedding the variants.

https://articles.mercola.c... Study: COVID Shot Enhances Delta Infectivity Story at-a-glance

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, people who got the COVID shot early are now at increased risk for severe COVID disease
This may be a sign that antibody dependent enhancement (ADE) is occurring, or it may simply indicate that the protection offered is limited to a few months, at best
Recent research warns the Delta variant “is posed to acquire complete resistance to wild-type spike vaccines.” This could turn into a worst-case scenario that sets up those who have received the Pfizer shots for more severe illness when exposed to the virus
To “stay ahead of the virus,” the Biden administration is now considering recommending a booster shot five months after the initial two doses rather than waiting eight months, as previously suggested
Israeli data show Pfizer’s shot went from a 95% effectiveness at the outset to 39% by late July 2021, when the Delta strain became predominant. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s expectation for any vaccine is an efficacy rate of at least 50% compared to placebo

The official COVID-19 vaccine narrative changes rapidly these days. It took just one month for it to go from “if you’re vaccinated you’re not going to get COVID,”1 including the Delta variant,2 to “people who got vaccinated early are at increased risk for severe COVID disease.”3

From the get-go, I and many other medical experts have warned of the possibility of these shots causing antibody dependent enhancement (ADE), a situation in which the shot actually facilitates a cascade of disease complications rather than protects against it. As a result, you may suffer more severe illness when encountering the wild virus than had you not been “vaccinated.”

While we don’t yet have definitive proof that ADE is occurring, we are seeing suspicious signs that it might be. Data showing those who got the shot early this year are now at increased risk of severe infection could be such a sign. At bare minimum, it’s an indication that the protection you get from these shots is very temporary, lasting only a few months.

This makes sense when you consider they program your body to produce just one type of antibody against a specific spike protein. Once the spike protein, or other elements in the virus, starts to mutate, protection radically diminishes. Worse, the vaccine facilitates the actual production of the variants because it is “leaky” and provides only partial ineffective immune protection.

Natural immunity is far superior, as when you recover from the infection, your body makes antibodies against all five proteins of the virus, plus memory T cells

In response Mr. Nobody to his Publication

Agreed. It's either they're mutating this thing or they're just making up new names for variants to keep people scared, and there are no new variants.

Joe Rogan caught the Rona. Guess what he took? Ivermectin, Zinc, Vit D3, and Vit C. He's better by Day 3, recovered Day 4. Now he (like us) has 13x more protection with antibodies and natural immunity versus anything else out there.

Meanwhile Pfizer just came out and said people will most likely need quarterly boosters AND pills twice daily.

Everyone will catch it eventually. Around 75% of you will have mild to no symptoms, so you might think it's just allergies, or nothing at all, maybe just a little cold, but you'll be fine.

99.8% of everyone will survive.

We can always take the vaccines later, after they have been time-tested, but literally y`all who ran out to get the shots with the quickness, you know trusting the **science**; yeah, well now you get to take boosters every few months, and two pills a day, and, and, and WTF is it actually doing to you?

You can still catch it.
You are now spreading variants, infecting and killing others.
You can still die from it.
You have no idea what it has done to your immune system or dna.
You literally remove all antibodies if you had recovered from it.
You still have to wear masks and socially distance.


The inventor of the mRNA injections, Dr. Robert Malone said they should NEVER be used on humans in their current state and design. He went further to say they have tested them against Sars Cov-1, and they did EXACTLY what they are doing right now. Creating mutations, still infecting and killing people, WHILE weakening your body's natural immune response to the point that the original test subjects were dying of future infections such as a simple cold or flu, because their bodies could not fight the infections.


This might resonate with some of you. The whole Covid thing, Biden, Trump, 2020 election, fraud, globalists, big pharma, all of it causes so much confusion.
Let me give an example:
Those who get the shots think they've done the right thing based on the amount of people who have gotten it. I mean after all 95% of doctors, nurses, now the all the military have to get it, so it can't be as bad as those conspiracy wackos think it is, right?
Those who don't get the shots think they've avoided something worse than a virus with a 99.98% survival rate, but they see friends and family getting sick, and maybe some of them have even died, so they're conflicted. They think, could it really be that these shots are intended to sterilize and/or kill billions? It sounds so far-fetched right? It sounds completely unbelievable. I mean, after all, all the doctors are getting it, and surely they know what's good and what isn't right? It's their profession. We wouldn't go try to fly a 757 pretending to be a pilot right?
Well, let me tell you something I've learned in my 50 years in Sales. Every single person is the same! Everyone thinks because they know a lot about something, or a little about everything, that it makes them an expert on everything; especially lawyers, doctors, and executives. The reality is they are all the same; all of them! The rich ones, the poor ones, the celebrities, the nobodies, and PhDs or Doctorates.
What that means is we all fear the same things, and most people are followers, even if they think they are leaders, or in their professional lives they are leaders. Still, most people are followers.
Big Pharma manipulates just like Monsanto did. If you think this entire thing, the governments of the world, the big billionaires, the militaries, doctors, CEOs, all of it are too big to fall for this, then you haven't been paying attention.
The one thing that's guaranteed is they would have never released this man-made through gain of function research virus for global population control if they didn't have an antidote, and I'm 100% convinced these so-called vaccines ARE NOT THE ANTIDOTES!
You do what you think is best, but keep in mind you can always take the vaccine if you decide to eventually. You can't go back though once you have taken it, and now you're in a position where you are spreading variants, can still get sick, can still get others sick, and you still didn't gain a single freedom back in return.
I've caught it, survived it. Our whole family has; some of us twice. Now per Israel's experts, they have estimated that natural immunity and antibodies are 13x better than the vaccines ever were.
If it's our time to go, then so be it, but we won't be lab rats.
It's never too big to fail, and everyone is the same, regardless of how much money you have/make, or what you do for a living.

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