Holistic @Holistic
27 July, 01:22
https://bestwaterfilter.re... Get a Powerful Filter or You and your family will be that Filter! If you don't care to drink recycled wastewater that can still be full of parasites, amoeba, fluoride, chemicals, vaccine ingredients, flushed medicines and other heavy metals in your family's drinking water, then you absolutely need to filter your own water. Never rely on a water district (allows lead, fluoride, heavy metals, flushed medicines, pesticides, viruses, pathogenic bacteria and who know if they plan on putting vaccine ingredients in your water too.) You can buy a filter or be a filter, the choice is yours! #water #Fluoride #waterfilter #purification #berkey
Walk In Verse @walkinverse
10 March, 04:14
Fish Montana Rivers, Contaminated with Wastewater Toxins
A Little Fact They Don't Want You to Know


#montana #politics #news #freedom #journalism

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