The "popular vote". I don't believe in the popular vote. The electoral college is there for a reason. After learning about what it is, and its true function is, I know that it is needed.

If we do not have it, the smaller states lose their voice in the national elections. The states like #Hawaii , #Alaska , #Delaware , #Idaho , #Wyoming . We need to put the Supreme court Justices on the ballot as well. Take it out of the Senate's hands. Make it a 4-year term, 2 terms max.

Liz Cheney, is no longer part of the GOP, she was kicked out of the Party by the #Wyoming #gop . #Oopsies . Which means, the GOP lost another seat in the House of Representatives. But, she was a #democrat in disguise anyway, so it makes do difference.

Donald J. Trump November 10th, 2021
With an approval rating at 19% in Wyoming, people are wise to Liz Cheney. She is a threat to Free and Fair elections, which are the cornerstone of our Country, because she caved so easily on the Crime of the Century. She is happy to join the Democrats in the Unselect Committee (the next RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA Hoax), and spread more of their lies. Cheney is far more unpopular than her father, who just lost his position as the least popular Vice President in American history to Kamala Harris. Democrats would never put up with a Liz Cheney in their ranks. If we had a Free and Fair media, instead of a corrupt media, those election results would never have been allowed to happen. The proof of irregularities and fraud is massive!

Now, I'm not surprised. I think things were leading up to what happened in Wyoming. I hope they give you a cell with some guy named bubba that wants to be your wife, Brian.
#TheHuntForBrianLaundrie #BrianLaundrie #GABBYPETITO

Hmm... "consistent" with description. Yet confirmed the body being of Gabby. Yep... #NoFurtherComment 🤔🙄🤦‍‍♂️

Wyoming Has Expedited Cheney’s Exodus From The GOP
Cops Using ‘Cooling Off’ Method With Antifa
GOP Senate Leadership In Battleground States Are ‘Calculating Other Things’

OK, Liberals. Y'all be racist. Calling the LEOs on a black realtor showing a home to a black son and father in Wyoming, Michigan.

President Trump Releases Statement on Insufferable Senate Spending Bill Falsely Disguised as Infrastructure https://theconservativetre...

Joe Kent for WA-3 joekent16jan19·4h
Antifa must be targeted as a terrorist organization by the DOJ.
Elected officials like HerreraBeutler prevented Trump from combating antifa as they marched into our district last year.
These are the left’s proxies & establishment Republicans are too weak to fight them.

Andy Ngô MrAndyNgo·6h
Shocking video recorded in Portland show a large group of antifa carrying shields & weapons move in to attack & shut down a family Christian prayer & worship event on the waterfront. Police did not intervene.

WYOMING: Bo Biteman Agitated For Rule Change Meant To Strip Trump Of 2016 Nomination via NationalFile Whistleblower Catherine Austin Fitts Reveals Central Banking Reset Plan! Whistleblower Catherine Austin Fitts Reveals Central Bankers Plan! Bankers agreed during FED meeting in Jackson Hole, Wyoming to take down the economy with earth shattering implications for millions!

Whistleblower Catherine Austin Fitts Reveals Central Banking Reset Plan! - YouTube

Whistleblower Catherine Austin Fitts Reveals Central Bankers Plan!Bankers agreed during FED meeting in Jackson Hole, Wyoming to take down the economy with ea...

Wyoming Could Be Challenging

Gates Foundation Is Longtime Partner Of Chinese Communist Group Which Funded Military-Linked Coronavirus Research At Wuhan Lab. - The National Pulse

Gov Kristi Noem Says If You Don't Like Vaccination Mandates, Just Quit Your Job

Wyoming Could Be Challenging

realdonaldtrump 1d·
Voters in the Great State of Wyoming want clear majority winners in elections, and the only mechanism that accomplishes majority victors is a Run-Off Election, pitting the top two candidates against each other.
Conservative Republicans in the Wyoming State Legislature like Senator Bo Biteman and Representative Chip Nieman led this effort. Unfortunately and sadly for Wyoming voters, RINO State Legislators stood in the way, defeating the Run-Off Election bills.
The easiest way to defeat Deplorable Liz Cheney is by having only ONE Conservative candidate run and WIN! Wyoming Patriots will no longer stand for Nancy Pelosi and her new lapdog RINO Liz Cheney!

New Wyoming Poll Shows More Trouble For Liz Cheney
These Democrats Who Claim To Oppose Taxpayer-Funded Abortion Just Voted For It
Shock Video: According To Joe Biden, Hunter Should Be In JAIL

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