ALSO, I am seeking hard ass #attorneys pro bono to represent me in my fight against the Feds/State/Medical Industrial Complex regarding the #covid evil and slam them on harassing disabled people as well as fighting LANTA (Mass Transit) - IF I CAN NOT GET THIS HELP SO I CAN WIN AND BE ABLE TO MOVE ON, I WILL HAVE TO SHUT EVERYTHING DOWN & PREPARE TO PASS AWAY! END OF STORY! I will broadcast future announcements - #america better start looking out after handicapped/disabled/elderly people because of the Satan's Agents of the State wins this one, you common people are next! Count on it, Remember Nazi Germany in the 1930's!

Ghislaine Maxwell's sister is recognized as basically the female founder of Internet Search Engines, and Technology Pioneer of the World Economic Forum. I'm sure we're all just insane for thinking the elites control the world. How many of her accusers were heard from? If she is guilty of sex trafficking children, then how many of her business partners were indicted? I'm sure it has nothing to do with Comey's wife being the lead Prosecutor, and the attorneys who worked for the Clintons. It's all one big club and WE'RE NOT IN IT.

Soros funded district attorneys in cities with highest crime rates

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: DOJ Is Trying to Prevent Funding to J6 Attorneys and Cripple the Defense of J6 Defendants (AUDIO) https://www.thegatewaypund...

#TrialSketches from the #MaxwellTrial . #epstein 's pilot testifying and Maxwell speaking to one of her attorneys.

Chicago vaccine mandate: Police union boss no longer banned from speaking out against policy, judge rules Chicago police union head John Catanzara is no longer prohibited from publicly encouraging his members to disobey the city’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate, which expired Monday after a judge refused to extend it.Cook County Judge Cecilia Horan denied city attorneys’ request for the order to be extended and expanded in a written ruling, saying the situation since the first injunction had "materially changed."
City attorneys wanted the order extended to include other union leaders in addition to Fraternal Order of Police president, Catanzara, accusing him of continuing to speak out or having other union officials do so in his place


I gotta make a call. I need to call #BullShit . There was more than enough circumstantial evidence to convict for murder 1. That asswipe Steve #Alm let him get away with murder, literally.

Good News Friday - September 3
As we go into the long Labor Day Weekend, we hope you stay safe and have an opportunity to get a bit of rest, recreation, and restoration for your selves. We are making progress on getting to the Truth. We must keep sharing it. Here's some good news to take with you!
1- Well, they are finally admitting what many of us have long known and said. Here it is straight from--wait for it . . . none other than CNN.

CDC announces COVID lethality has been massively overstated. "The survey, led by the CDC, also indicates that about twice as many people have been infected with the virus as have been officially counted."

Logically, this means that twice as many people have natural immunity to the disease than they would begin to acknowledge. This is great news. It is the real meaning of herd immunity, and as you listen to the next video, you will see why this is so important.

2- Watch this video. This doctor is an expert, full of knowledge, highly credentialed, and providing great truthful information, you won't find in the malevolent and corrupt globalist MSM.

3- TEAM KRAKEN is hard at work on behalf of the Republic. We have directly taken on the defense of several January 6 defendants while the Department of "Justice" continues to keep them in solitary confinement designed to break them and coerce guilty pleas and confessions. We filed a motion to dismiss the government's SIXTH attempt to charge one defendant this week. We have found and funded several other lawyers and law firms to assist others. We really need a lot more help in this effort. We need many more attorneys licensed in DC who are willing to serve this cause and accept representation. We also need your prayers and whatever other contributions you can make to assist in this mammoth effort. The government has a large and very stacked deck. We are David. The government is Goliath.

We're also writing briefs on Brady evidence, dismissal issues, and other issues and making them available to all defense counsel. If you can volunteer to take a case, please contact

4- We are pushing back hard on the vaxx mandates. Is anyone noticing that it is where the vaxx has been given the most that are suffering the most COVID resurgence? Please make sure you listen to the video above. If you have already had COVID--as most people now have--you have the best immunity that can be provided.

We have just filed suit against VA TECH for their vaxx mandate. Every VA school is ripe to be sued. This experimental new technology is causing millions of problems, including deaths. Watch www.DefendingTheRepublic.o... for regular updates and forms to apply for exemptions.

5- We are working with Mat Staver of the Liberty Counsel and with America's Frontline Doctors on our COVID suits. We are stronger together! T

Biden Nominates Anti-Cop DA With Disturbing History To Lead U.S. Attorney’s Office In Massachusetts

Police Release Body Camera Footage from July 16 Fatal Shooting of Gaithersburg Man

Judge Finds PC To Charge Cop For Shooting Which Was Already Ruled Justified 4 Times

The battles for the PATRIOTS AMERICA FIRST Law Professor David Clements are
1. to gain 100.000+ precinct committeemen, State & US Senate, Congress, Governors, Secretaries of State, 94 U.S. attorneys, 2,000 assistant federal prosecutors, Mayors 94 Court Chief judges, 677 district court judgeships etc.
2. the battle for 2 million PATRIOT educators (among them 15.000 sociology professors) in the schools and Universities with 50+ million students ...
3. the battle for 35.000 PATRIOTS into the US News & social media

Fulton County Georgia Ballot Storage Facility Was Left Open for Hours - Attorney's Own Hired Staff Discovered the Place Wide Open - https://www.thegatewaypund...

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