Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
26 April, 07:37
Do not Celebrate #elonmusk taking over #twitter - PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THIS! Elon leads all product design, engineering and global manufacturing of the company's #electricvehicles , #battery products and #solarenergy products.

Electric Vehicles! Solar! Is he in Co hoots with #joebiden & #Globalists On this? Remember the #joebiden & Allies GREED on the Price Gouching on #Gas !

Keep all of this in mind, do NOT be distracted! Please!
Breaker O'Day @Breaker
04 April, 07:03
More censorship from the big tech tyrant #google . Another reason why to stay away from their products if at all possible. Sure, I use #Android , only because it offers more freedom than iOS. #Blackberry OS was a better choice, but dummy developers didn't develop for the OS. The OS was much more secure and was better on battery life as well.
John Burke @johnburke
04 April, 11:34
Electric Battery Material Price Soars 761% As Biden Urges Americans To Buy Electric Cars And 'Save' $80/mo
Breaker O'Day @Breaker
05 January, 08:47
I'm sad to see this OS go. Possibly the most secure and battery efficient OS on the market, the blackberry OS is no longer supported, and will no longer work, Blackberry is shutting down all of it's severs and focusing on Android OS phones only.
Anthony Hilder @anthonyjhilder
19 November, 01:39
Kenosha Closes Schools as Protesters Appear Outside Courtroom
Outside the courtroom, Black Lives Matter demonstrators as well as individuals who support Rittenhouse have been chanting slogans as the jury deliberates the teen’s fate.
Authorities said that the woman who was arrested outside the court was identified as Shaquita Cornelious. According to a Facebook profile, she describes herself as the co-chairperson of a Black Lives Matter chapter in Lake County, Illinois.

The other suspect, Anthony Chacon, was charged with felony bail jumping, misdemeanor bail jumping, battery, resisting, and disorderly conduct, a spokesperson for the Kenosha Sheriff’s Department told Fox News.
Mr. Nobody @admin
04 November, 06:12
No one seemed to mention this:
Has anyone actually thought it through? If all cars were EV, electrically powered...?
Imagine a 3 hour traffic jam in hot summer or cold winter, what are you going to do?
There is practically no heating or A/C in an electric vehicle over extended periods, as it depletes the battery much quicker.
If you breakdown, get stuck in a snow storm, it's 0 degrees, no battery left, so no heating!!!
What are you going to do? Call Roadside Assistance to collect you and the other 400 people stuck on the road, right?
They can't get there because the roads are choked!
How will the road get cleared if everyone has flat batteries?
How are the hundreds or thousands of cars all going to be recharged?
How long will that take?
It's the same in summer traffic jams.
There will be perpetual traffic jams with dead batteries.
Charging stations, pull off lanes on all the roads? People sitting there for hours to charge their vehicles, and how long would it take for them to build these roads, all the cabling, electricity, all of that to put charging stations every ten miles? Our current electrical grid can barely survive as it is.
No one has thought this out, and it's more proof that our Governments are filled with idiots!
Anthony Hilder @anthonyjhilder
05 October, 10:56
Donald J. Trump October 4th, 2021
"Until recently, US auto companies sourced nearly all of their batteries overseas. USMCA changed that. Under the agreement, an automobile cannot qualify for duty free treatment unless 40 percent of the content (45 for a truck) is manufactured by workers earning at least $16 per hour. Advanced batteries of the kind that will power new energy vehicles comprise such a high percentage of the value of these vehicles that it will be almost impossible for auto companies to qualify them under the agreement without sourcing the batteries in the United States. And in order to take advantage of a longer transition time available under the agreement, most auto companies have committed to qualifying their entire North American fleet—regardless of where the vehicles are manufactured and traded.

The result we are seeing is a Renaissance in US battery production. SK Innovations announced a $2.6 billion new facility in Georgia that will open later this year. And just yesterday SK and Ford announced an $11 billion investment in Tennessee and Kentucky. Without USMCA—and the Trump Administration’s strong actions to push back against China’s unfair trade practices—this new investment and the thousands of good paying jobs that go with it would have gone to China or other low wage jurisdictions. Worker-focused trade policy works for America. More of America’s cars of the future will be built right here."
Breaker O'Day @Breaker
14 September, 08:35
Here we have a #FloridaMan who shot a kid that was 16-years-old in the back because he “feared that he was going to come after him next”. The teen was robbing his neighbor's vehicle, not his. 🤦‍‍♂️ The kid is in the ICU, and the shooter is in custody awaiting trial for aggravated battery with a firearm.
The author of this post has “No Comment” about it all. 🤦‍‍♂️

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