Holistic @Holistic
09 September, 01:20
https://naturalzeolitepowd... Zeolite is a potent antiviral, tumor and heavy metal detox crystal mineral (think Natural Vaccine Detox and Ivermectin Alternative) that is very helpful in foodborne illness (food poisoning from improperly cooked or stored food.) It helps your body detox from harmful pathogens and radiation. If you live near a 5G cellphone tower, then you need to protect yourself from EMF radiation uptake and DNA damage that leads to cancerous tumors, severe hair loss and a compromised immune system. Zeolite does that better than anything else. It even helps from medical radiation treatment (as well as chemotherapy and surgery infection) and sickness. #5g #zeolite #radiation #antiviral #cancer
Holistic @Holistic
17 July, 08:17
https://emfprotection.one/... Cell Phones are important for communication in our lives, especially now since they combine the powers of computers, music players, video streamers, text and phone communications. 5G EMF Radiation (electromagnetic frequency) is able to penetrate your body, brain, blood cells and immune cells. 5G and Coronavirus (covid-19) go hand in hand. It also affects your brainwaves and can cause severe mental anguish (migraine, voices in head aka mind control.) Tesla knew about the benefits and the dangers of EMF frequencies. It is powerful enough to change your DNA and compromise your immune system and make your body act as a Wi-Fi router! Do use protection so you can use it safely. Especially needed for children and seniors due to it's brain interference. #cellphone #emf #5g #radiation #covid -19
Breaker O'Day @Breaker
10 March, 04:06
It's not just #biden , It's mostly the #DeepState . That's the control that you see. Biden needs to reopen the American oil taps. But the stupid left will cry if he does of course, while they drive their HYBRIDS and CHARGE their cellphones from electricity from COAL. Morons.


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