Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
30 June, 05:54
Website Feature: International Coalition Against #Electronic #Torture and Robotisation of Living Beings
Nhong Tran Nhu @TranNhuNhong
22 June, 01:21
Nhong Tran Nhu @TranNhuNhong
22 June, 12:51
Nhong Tran Nhu @TranNhuNhong
22 June, 03:53
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
21 June, 06:11
#Green Fail: Dependent on #Russian #Gas , Now #germany Fires Up #coal Power Stations
Nhong Tran Nhu @TranNhuNhong
18 June, 03:06
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
12 June, 12:02
Left’s Coalition Cracking: #IlhanOmar Enrages #Muslims by Wishing #Sexual Deviants & #gays “Happy Pride Month” https://www.frontpagemag.c...
Breaker O'Day @Breaker
10 March, 04:06
It's not just #biden , It's mostly the #DeepState . That's the control that you see. Biden needs to reopen the American oil taps. But the stupid left will cry if he does of course, while they drive their HYBRIDS and CHARGE their cellphones from electricity from COAL. Morons.

Mr. Nobody @admin
15 February, 09:42
1. Gas prices today are for fuel that was refined a year or more ago. It's going to take a couple months before the $100/barrel of oil effect on gas prices, and it won't be good.

2. Import/Export container fees went from $1,500 as a low to sometimes as high as $30,000 per container, so prices will go much higher.

3. I'm not saying you need to run out and be a doomsday prepper, but I will suggest you get a good six month supply of necessities and emergency items.

4. IF Russia invades Ukraine it will cause supply issues with things like Amonia, Wheat, Coal, Petroleum. Food shortages are already happening in various places due to the supply chain. Furthermore, the invasion could embolden China to invade Taiwan, and that would place us in WWIII.
Anthony Hilder @anthonyjhilder
07 December, 01:23
Who’s the Real Anthony Fauci?
Story at-a-glance

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. describes the coalition of sinister forces — intelligence agencies, pharmaceutical companies, social media titans, medical bureaucracies, mainstream media and the military — that are using a health crisis to impose totalitarian control worldwide
Anthony Fauci isn’t acting alone, but he’s become a prominent face of the medical cartel and medical technocracy that is wrapped up in obliterating constitutional rights globally
Big Pharma’s infiltration of regulatory and public health agencies goes back more than 100 years to the creation of the Rockefeller Foundation in 1913, which took control of the U.S. medical school system
Fauci controls a $6.1 billion budget that he distributes to colleges and universities to do drug research for various diseases, and another $1.7 billion that comes from the military to do bioweapons research
Fauci’s NIAID conducted barbaric and illegal drug experiments on foster children; at least 85 children died as a result
Waking up to Fauci’s façade is necessary to understand the orchestrated planned use of pandemics to clamp down totalitarian control

Anthony Hilder @anthonyjhilder
01 November, 04:50
Is Big Tech Dying?31 Oct, 2021 .. Brooks Agnew plus the Shipping Blockade
Brooks Agnew: Big Tech is Dying
I told you about a year ago when the purge occurred in October of 2020 that Big Tech was going to die. When they systematically purged the greatest content creators in the world like RedPill78 and Kate Awakening, and of course, America Free Radio, they also were purging their listeners. The listeners are what the advertiser were trying to reach, so when the purge occurred, the advertisers left as well. No one paying for the use of Big Tech meant that they were going to die. No business model is sustainable where you censor out of existence 75% of your revenue base.

Well, Facebook unveiled a new corporate name and logo this week, “Facebook Meta,” prompting some hilarity among tech-savvy Israelis, who noted that the phrase, when translated into Hebrew, also means “Facebook is dead” or “Facebook died.”

The word “meta” is the feminine form of the verb “met,” which means “dead.”

The BBC reported Friday that Hebrew speakers were ridiculing the new Facebook name and logo:

Facebook’s announcement that it is changing its name to Meta has caused quite the stir in Israel where the word sounds like that for “dead”.

To be precise, Meta is pronounced like the feminine form of the Hebrew word.

A number of people have taken to Twitter to share their take on the name under the hashtag #FacebookDead.

The emergency rescue volunteers Zaka even got involved, telling their followers on Twitter: “Don’t worry, we’re on it”.

Facebook also earned ridicule from English speakers over the new name, which the company adopted just as it came under intense scrutiny from both left and right.

The Wall Street Journal reported earlier this week that Facebook had suppressed Breitbart News’ traffic for political reasons (though Breitbart News continues to lead among political news sites on the platform).

Breitbart News also reported on the coordination among establishment media outlets in reporting the “Facebook papers,” which apparently led to a Slack channel among the various sites being shut down earlier this week.

Signs the Asian Blockade is Working

The Asian Blockade being conducted on the American west coast is having some success. Of course, my prediction that the Chinese financial markets would reflect it first came true. It is proof positive that a debt-based economy is a pathway to failure. No nation in history has survived for long trying to outrun the invoices to the bank. They all end up using the same tactic.

In the book Diary of an Economic Hit Man, the author reveals how the Monroe Doctrine was implemented by the CIA through predatory lending. If a 3rd world country needed a dam for electricity or a coal mine or a railroad, the CIA would arrange for the loans to that country.

The checks would arrive, the leaders would carve out 5% for themselves to maintain their lavish life
Breaker O'Day @Breaker
11 October, 07:10
The fake news on the island. We don't burn #coal on Oahu, we burn #OIL . I wonder if they know that we're NOT that stupid.
#fakenews #LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder
Breaker O'Day @Breaker
10 October, 08:50
This means more rolling blackouts, and fewer products for us. Black Friday this year is going to suck ass. They're not providing power to the factories, they're providing power to the homes of the elite. The price of socialism, folks.
Anthony Hilder @anthonyjhilder
01 September, 03:49
https://www.theepochtimes.... Lawyers Helping Airline Workers Land Religious Waivers Against COVID-19 Vaccines A Florida-based coalition of lawyers says that it’s going to represent thousands of U.S. airline workers seeking a religious exemption from mandatory COVID-19 vaccines.

Liberty Counsel, an international group that advocates for religious freedom, said at least 3,000 employees representing 15 airlines in the United States and abroad have come forward asking for legal help.

“We’re working with people in a lot of different airlines,” Liberty Counsel founder and Chairman Mat Staver told The Epoch Times. “They come directly to us to contact us. [The number is] quite large.”
Anthony Hilder @anthonyjhilder
31 August, 04:30
(Admin) Because of Virus Shedding from the Vaxxed to the UnVaxxed in Portland these members of The Vaxx Coalition should be avoided. If you dont want to get sick dont go here because the vaxxed are creating variants. Added: The 1905, Wilfs, Birch St (Camas),
"As of tonight, here are the bars of the Vaxx Coalition:

Aalto, 3356 SE Belmont St., 503-235-604,

Bang Bang, 4727 NE Fremont St., 503-287-3846,

Bar West, 1221 NW 21st Ave., 503-208-2852,

Creepy’s, 627 SE Morrison St., 503-889-0185,

Deadshot, 2133 SE 11th Ave., 503-875-0527,

Double Dragon, 1235 SE Division St., 503-230-8340,

Hi-Top Tavern, 5015 NE Fremont St., 503-206-4308,

Holy Ghost, 4107 SE 28th Ave., (Holy Ghost is not yet open.)

Leikam Brewing, 5812 E Burnside St., 503-477-4743,

Leisure Public House, 8002 N Lombard St., 503-289-7606,

Paydirt, 2724 NE Pacific St., 503-908-3217,

Paymaster Lounge, 1020 NW 17th Ave., 503-943-2780,

Peter’s Bar & Grill, 5701 NE Fremont St., 503-460-0544,

Rum Club, 720 SE Sandy Blvd., 503-265-8807,

Slingshot Lounge, 5532 SE Center St., 503-445-6649,

Teardrop Lounge, 1015 NW Everett St., 503-445-8109,

The Garrison, 8773 N Lombard St.,

The Old Gold, 2105 N Killingsworth St., 503-894-8937,

Tomorrow’s Verse, 4605 NE Fremont St., Suite 103, 971-346-2198,

Tough Luck, 1771 NE Dekum St., 503-754-4188,

White Owl Social Club, 1305 SE 8th Ave. 503-236-9672,

Wilder, 5501 NE 30th Ave., 971-710-5428,

Wonderly, 4727 NE Fremont St., 503-288-4520,

Yukon Tavern, 5819 SE Milwaukie Ave., 503-235-6352,

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