Nigel Farage On His One On One Exclusive With President Trump
Nigel Farage just did an interview with President Trump, and Steve Bannon says this interview is not just the usual talking points. You can watch it on the GB News app. Farage says the interview will especially connect with the British people.

“I have a feeling in this interview, what he says about Harry and Meghan and their total disrespect for the queen, what he says about Boris Johnson having gone from being a conservative when he was elected to being a liberal, what hes had to say about the over-reliance on wind energy, I think Donald Trump is really going to connect with the British audience and beyond that.”
You can also hear a spirited debate between Bannon and Farage about whether or not the Republicans should emphasize the 2020 stolen election or look forward to a positive message about 2024.

Washington Is Threatened By You
A rousing hour of commentary from America First Congressman Marjorie Taylor Greene. The first segment kicks off with Conservative Inc. blowhard David Brooks telling “Morning Joe” about the “dangerous” trend of Trump supporters running for office and participating in democracy. Then host Steve Bannon opens up the mike for Greene, who is the Democrats’ worst nightmare. Watch all of these segments to hear a spirited defense of the MAG movement and a demand for Republican leadership to either lead or get out of the way. (Hint: They won’t lead!)

Part 1: Washington Is Threatened By You

Comedy is no fun anymore. Once I poked fun at myself in a post. Someone got offended! 🤦‍‍♂️🤦‍‍♂️ Now, If I poke fun at myself in a post, and you get offended, you are the problem. What really takes the cake is that this person was a self-proclaimed "conservative". 🤣🤣🤣

Question Everything. Someone posted something about Wood and Rittenhouse but didn't bother to outline what the full facts were... I posted the facts, and thought that everyone should know.

Let's put together what we know about Wood and Rittenhouse:
1. Wood was fired from Rittenhouse's defense team
2. Wood set Kyle up:
3. Wood is fighting Kyle for the money that he raised for Kyle:
4. On the call with the "daily beast reporter" whose identity hasn't been verified, Wood overplayed his role in everything.
5. Trump visited with Kyle, not Lin Wood. That should say something about Kyle's character.
6. I could find no proof of Kyle supporting BLM, BTW. Never trust "conservative news sources"

Why was Wood fired? That bond money rightfully belongs to Kyle. It was raised for him.

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