Walk In Verse @walkinverse
07 September, 07:34
People Ignored Facts
They Believed In A corrupt System, Rather Than Believing in God.


#covidhoax #corruptioningovernment #politics #truth #Genocide
Moxy Rebel @Moxy
08 February, 04:07
Moxy Rebel @Moxy
08 February, 04:04
Moxy Rebel @Moxy
08 February, 04:02
Moxy Rebel @Moxy
08 February, 04:01
Walk In Verse @walkinverse
07 July, 01:21
In case you missed it. Meet Pfizer & A Few Connections

Listen to full report here: https://walkinverse.buzzsp...

In this report we'll dig a bit into Pfizer and their connections. We will look at some of the CEO comments and ask the question, why? Why did the FDA give clearance to an untested technology never licensed for human use? Grab a pen and notebook and enjoy the report.

#covidhoax #vaccines #pfizervaccine #bioterrorism #podcast

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