Holistic @Holistic
23 November, 10:38
https://emfprotection.one/... 5G EMF is everywhere now and is even expanding to homes, offices and even elementary schools near you. Frequencies damage and frequencies heal. EMF protection Jewelry can keep your DNA, Immune System, heart and brainwaves (as seen in EKG and EEG) free from damaging EMF Waves. If you have chronic headaches, irregular heartbeats, sinusitis, you may be absorbing these harmful radiation waves. It has been shown to activate the harmful stuff in the new covid-19 and monkeypox vaccines (parasites, graphene oxide, heavy metals) and make you act as a 5G router! Don't absorb but deflect these harmful frequencies. #emf #covid -19 #radiation #MonkeyPox #5g
Holistic @Holistic
23 November, 04:26
https://mindbodyspirit.one... Golden Citrine Quartz Crystal Tree - Abundance, Healing, Positive Energy. The most beautiful gift of healing I have ever seen! The energy feels incredible and it helps synchronize your heart and brain waves with nature's structure and harmonious waves. Crystals are what make computers work (as well as your third eye.) #crystals #healing #citrine #quartz #blackfriday

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