Holistic @Holistic
28 July, 11:55
https://preppersupplies.re... Be Prepared never Scared! It's not a question of If but When, so be prepared when the SHTF so you and your family will not only survive but thrive in any situation. What you really need is a tactical survival plan, personal protection (2 legged and 4 legged) clean drinking water, knowing what food to eat or use as medicine, basic shelter and first aid. Don't wait till there is mass panic, be ready before and you will be so glad you did. #prepper #prepping #bugout #survival #emergencies
John Burke @johnburke
26 April, 02:37
The supposedly impartial judge appointed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to review the invocation of the Emergencies Act has been a long time and repeated financier of Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada, The Counter Signal has learned. https://thecountersignal.c...
John Burke @johnburke
26 April, 11:55
Anthony Hilder @anthonyjhilder
23 April, 01:10
Fires and Explosions: Destroy 20+ Food Processing Plants Moments After Biden Warns of Food Shortages


But here’s the thing: fires and explosions are rare at food companies.

It sure does happen occasionally – and that’s called an ’emergency’.

But how come those ’emergencies’ have not just doubled – but entered a dazzling increasing number of traced events, you could just suspect those are left to the odds of course of events.
John Burke @johnburke
13 April, 11:46
WATCH: Trudeau says protests should 'always be legal' after invoking Emergencies Act over peaceful Freedom Convoy
The prime minister made the comment while in British Columbia, during an announcement on electric vehicles in Canada.

Jess Sosnoski @Starblazer
24 February, 12:27
BREAKING: Trudeau Backs Down, Revokes Emergencies Act – RedState - https://redstate.com/nick-...
Breaker O'Day @Breaker
20 February, 08:13
So, it's started. Hold the line, my fellow #Canadian Brothers and Sisters. We #Americans stand with you.
John Burke @johnburke
19 February, 12:43
Canadian civil rights group sues Trudeau gov’t over ‘unconstitutional’ use of Emergencies Act - LifeSite https://www.lifesitenews.c...
Anthony Hilder @anthonyjhilder
17 February, 03:32
A State of Emergency : America Free Radio with Brooks Agnew

For the first time since his father did it half a century ago, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has declared a national emergency, invoking extraordinary powers as the trucker-led protests against COVID-19 vaccine mandates continued for their 18th day.
"It is now clear that there are serious challenges to law enforcement's ability to effectively enforce the law," Trudeau said at a news conference Monday afternoon in Ottawa.
Trudeau said the government is not "using the Emergencies Act to call in the military."
"We are not limiting freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and people's right to protest freely," he insisted.
However, invoking the act gives the federal government, among other things, the right to ban public assembly and seize property to restore order, Canada’s CBC News reported.
And the premiers of four Canadian provinces -- Alberta, Manitoba, Quebec and Saskatchewan -- spoke out against the move.
Meanwhile, Canada's deputy prime minister and minister of finance, Chrystia Freeland, announced Monday that the federal government is targeting the crowd-funding of the truckers leading the protest through a terror-finance law.
"We are broadening the scope of Canada's anti-money laundering and terrorist-financing rules so that they cover crowd funding platforms and the payment service providers they use," Freeland said in a televised announcement.
The minister said the "illegal blockades have highlighted the fact that crowd-funding platforms and some of the payment service providers they use are not fully captured under the Proceeds of Crime and Terrorist Financing Act."
John Burke @johnburke
16 February, 11:34
Trudeau has 'zero credibility' on 'democracy' following Emergencies Act: President of El Salvador - LifeSite https://www.lifesitenews.c...
Anthony Hilder @anthonyjhilder
15 February, 05:08
‘We Will Hold the Line’: Freedom Convoy Organizers Say They’re Not Deterred by Emergencies Act
OTTAWA—Freedom Convoy organizers say they will continue to protest on Parliament Hill despite the federal government’s declaration of a state of emergency. “We are not afraid. In fact, every time the government decides to further suspend our civil liberties, our resolve strengthens and the importance of our mission becomes clearer,” organizer Tamara Lich said on Feb. 14 in anticipation of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoking the Emergencies Act over the protests demanding an end to COVID-19 mandates. “We will remain peaceful, but planted on Parliament Hill until the mandates are decisively ended. We recognize that there is a democratic process within which change occurs. We have never stepped outside of that process, nor do we intend to.”
John Burke @johnburke
15 February, 12:39
ALERT: Trudeau Invokes NEVER-BEFORE-USED Emergencies Act to CRUSH Freedom Convoy Protests Once https://thebeltwayreport.c...
Anthony Hilder @anthonyjhilder
14 February, 11:15
(admin) Woke Dictator Fidel Trudeau at war with Canadians in Protest Trudeau to use Emergencies Act to deal with protests: sources https://youtu.be/vfRzTSV0-...
Trudeau to use Emergencies Act to deal with protests: sources - YouTube

CBC News has learned Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will inform the provinces he will invoke the Emergencies Act to give the government extra powers to deal w...

Breaker O'Day @Breaker
25 August, 05:56
This app is dangerous. People should let the LEOs solve crimes, and just report the crimes and what they see.
Mr. Nobody @admin
16 August, 01:31
We should have never been in Afghanistan, but we were.

People always say, "Why did you go there if you knew it was wrong?"

Answer: "To protect my brothers and sisters next to me, and the innocent people being murdered, abused, stoned to death, raped, tortured."

We went because we had to, and that's something you won't understand unless you've served. Biden is weak. The Taliban and ISIS knocked off their nonsense, because Trump was strong, and they knew he would rain down all hell upon them if they acted up; so they didn't. The whole world knows we have weak, non-existent leadership, so they no longer fear consequences. Yes; Trump was removing all the troops, but still they did not advance, because they knew better. If Trump was still our POTUS, this would NOT have happened.

You just don't know the torture of seeing the evils over there. You don't want to know it, EVER. You have to understand that most of these people had no idea about 9/11, or why we were even there, and they hated us to begin with, but then they loved us. They absolutely cheered for us, waving American Flags, hugging us, feeding us, and gifting things to us. They appreciated the freedom. Women could drive, go to school, work, and be free. Children could go to school without being abducted, stolen, raped, and married at 12yrs of age.

ALL OF THAT IS GONE! These people who 99% are good, kind people, have lost 20 years of freedom.

For those of us who have been there, this tears our hearts out. We fought, many injured, and died for the freedom and humanity of these people, only to have it all destroyed.

This CUTS DEEPLY, and we are going to see Veteran mental health emergencies and suicides due to this. The Afghan people for the most part were humble, peaceful, farmers. This is terrible!

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