Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
06 August, 04:54
#Georgia (soon to be called #SovietGeorgia ): #GoodSamaritans Fined, Threatened With Arrest For Pulling #Government Litter Out Of A River - #EnvironmentalCrimes #Environment - https://thefreethoughtproj...
Anthony Hilder @anthonyjhilder
04 August, 11:54
Analysis: Deep-Rooted Marxism in American Education Corrupting Youth—With Sheri Few | China Insider
We explore the deep root of Marxism in American education. At the same time, is a deep transformation taking place in American education? Parents are fighting back against critical race theory (CRT) being taught in classrooms. But it’s worth exploring where this all started, of communism in education: where teachers are either tools of brainwashing or are seen as outcasts in a leftist academic environment; students will be shamed if they question the woke training in class; and parents have no say as to what is taught and learned in the classroom. This all has just one goal: to kill the fundamentals that made America, America. KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov had this to say: “Even if you start right now, here this minute, you start educating [a] new generation of Americans, it will still take you 15 to 20 years to turn the tide of ideological perception of reality back to normalcy and patriotism.” I speak with Sheri Few about her organization’s lawsuit against Kershaw County School Board for hiding CRT in teachers’ training.
Analysis: Deep-Rooted Marxism in American Education Corrupting Youth—With Sheri Few | China Insider - YouTube

🔵 A Documentary by The Epoch Times, reveals the truth that has been hidden from the American people.👉👉🔵 Watch the Full Episode 👉ht...

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01 August, 05:51
Environmentalism is an #Environmental Hazard https://www.frontpagemag.c...
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
29 July, 06:26
#Environment #Science #technology - #Hawaii To Boost Its #greenenergy By As Much As 10 Percent Through 158 #Tesla Mega #Batteries (what about when they die, can't recycle them boys!) https://www.trueactivist.c...
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
26 July, 04:48
#Environment - #DC District of Criminals #Subways Will Cover Parking Lots With #Solar Panels Not Just For Shade, But For Sustainability Goals https://www.trueactivist.c...
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
21 July, 06:08
#Environment - Floating #Drones With The Ability To Collect #Trash Before They Reach The #ocean https://www.trueactivist.c...
Holistic @Holistic
20 July, 04:45
https://homeopathicmedicin... Your organs control how you look and feel. Detoxing all the stuff you pick up from your environment (food, water, chemicals, medicines) damage your brain, immune system and organs. Learning How to Detox Your Body naturally with homeopathy and Ayurvedic medicine (natural approaches that restore balance to all your body organ systems including your blood and lymph. Detox your liver, blood, kidneys, skin and flush out all the damage from your past. Rejuvenates your cells and the way you think, look, feel and act! #detox #cleanse #liver #Blood #homeopathy
Holistic @Holistic
17 July, 08:09 DR. WILFREDO STOKES [NON-IONIZING EMF] / DR. JOSÉ LUIS SEVILLANO [IONIZING CHEMICAL AGENTS] More and more doctors are speaking about the dangers of #MicrowaveRadiation which is now at unprecedented levels in our #Environment #emf #5g #protection
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
11 July, 05:17
#Environment Study Finds That #Roads Last Twice As Long When Made With #Recycled #Tire #Rubber - #AlGore would reject this of course! - https://www.trueactivist.c...
Anthony Hilder @anthonyjhilder
06 July, 04:17
Great Reset Will Be the Great Reject – David Morgan

Economic analyst and financial writer David Morgan predicted in early March, “When you get gasoline going up to the $5, $6, $7 range and you’ve got food going up to the level it’s gone up to and continues to go up to, it’s going to be bad.” Morgan was right, and he says this destabilization of the middle-class is all part of the so-called “Great Reset” by the global elite. Morgan says this is not going to turn out like the globalists want. Morgan says, “This is not about money–it’s about control. They want absolute control.”

What can people do to make the “Great Reset” not work? Morgan says, “It’s the ‘Great Reject.’ You do not participate in the ‘Great Reset.’ You stay out of the system to the best of your ability, which means you use cash like Catherine Austin Fitts talks about. You can trade in silver and gold. Some states allow you to do that, and more are coming on all the time, putting into law the ability to transact in gold and silver in that state . . . to be able to use gold and silver again. Mitigate your food situation by growing some of your own. . . . Get friendly with farmers. There are a lot of things you can do that are pretty simple. There a lot of things you can do that put you in control. They want this . . . but it’s not going to happen. What they want is the ‘New World Order,’ or globalism. What they are really going to get is the opposite. . . . You are going to see a disintegration of that kind of power base and get more local. As the situation gets worse and worse, the smaller communities will get together and say what can we do to survive? So, they are basically going to get the opposite of what they want.”

Morgan talks about the deflationary nature of all these CV19 injections. He also talks about why silver and gold work best in deflationary environments. Morgan tells you the importance of having cash and predicts extreme inflation and deflation coming at the same time, which is the definition of stagflation last seen in the 1970’s. This time, Morgan says it will be far worse and predicts, “The next ‘Great Depression’ will make the last ‘Great Depression’ look like a small technical correction. . . . . The worse you inflate or destroy the value of a currency, the worse the repercussions are. . . . Not only are Social Security and pension plans going to collapse, but it is the system at large. It is going to be pervasive; it will touch almost every person.”

In closing, Morgan says, “We are fighting evil people, but are we fighting more than evil people at the top? . . . We are fighting principalities and powers of evil.”
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
01 July, 06:19
#Environment #AlternativeEnergy - Company Creates Portable #WindTurbine That Can Charge All Your #Electronics Is So Small, It Can Fit Into Your Backpack Company Creates Portable Wind Turbine That Can Charge All Your Electronics Is So Small, It Can Fit Into Your Backpack https://www.trueactivist.c...
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30 June, 05:24
#Environment #AlternativeEnergy - Company Creates Portable #WindTurbine That Can Charge All Your #Electronics Is So Small, It Can Fit Into Your Backpack Company Creates Portable Wind Turbine That Can Charge All Your Electronics Is So Small, It Can Fit Into Your Backpack
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
24 June, 05:20
#Environment - Divers Clean Up #LakeTahoe And Collected 12 Tons Of Trash And Precious Items https://www.trueactivist.c...
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10 June, 06:34
#Environment - The First Ever #Carbon - #Negative #Hotel Was Inspired By Aspen Trees - #Colorado https://www.trueactivist.c...
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#California #Arizona #NewMexico #texas - PAY ATTENTION! ALL of you in the Other states too!
1. #JoeBiden’s #DHS Using #BorderWall Funds to Conduct #Environmental Planning

2. NOW, YOU 4 STATES NOW, NOT NOVEMBER 2022 NEED TO GROW A PAIR NOW, get the other states to donate!

USE THIS MODE - #SaudiArabia did it this way to keep #Isis & #AlQaeda OUT - NEVER FAILED!

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