Holistic @Holistic
27 July, 05:39
https://botanicals.one/sys... One of the most important natural health and natural healing supplements you will ever try. Systemic enzymes are effective in relieving and preventing chronic inflammation in all tissues! It is highly beneficial for keeping your arteries, blood vessels, organs and joint tissues obstruction free with complete tissue elasticity and movement. It is helpful against covid-19 related heart inflammation. They also significantly help your digestive system, colon, break up scar tissue inside your body. The first step to healing from chronic inflammation anywhere in your body, particularly arthritis joint pain is to clean up the damage (bone spurs, fibrin and scar tissue) that is causing your pain and joint stiffness. Systemic Enzymes do this and help your body dissolve impacted matter in your veins and digestive system! #arthritis #jointpain #enzymes #inflammation #covid -19
Holistic @Holistic
24 July, 03:13
https://arthritistreatment... You can actually reverse osteoarthritis by restoring your natural healthy balance between magnesium/calcium in the ratio needed that stops arthritis wear and reduces joint pain and inflammation. Use systemic enzymes to stop bone spurs and heal scar tissue that causes joint stiffness and inflexibility. It will also smooth out joint surfaces. This is the approach that stops bone loss, heals spurs, resurfaces worn cartilage and replace depleted synovial fluid (joint fluid.) #osteoarthritis #arthritis #jointpain #holistic #health
CHAD Tran @Transpo
15 June, 07:12
Good Read!

I hope that those who read this or hear it will be dissuaded from participating in this experimental injection of mRNA.
To understand the real biochemistry of your body, you must first appreciate what messenger RNA is. You have DNA in your cell nuclei, which contain all the blueprints for making the proteins that form your body's structure and the enzymes that determine the biochemical processes taking place in your body. This nuclear DNA makes a template called messenger RNA (mRNA) that goes out of the nucleus into the cell's cytoplasm, where all the work is done making the protein building blocks of the cell, and also importantly synthesizing the functional proteins called enzymes. This present population-wide experiment injects foreign messenger RNA, claimed to be synthesized coding for the protein coat of the supposed Sars-2 Covid 19 virus. To be effective, the mRNA enters your cells and makes the protein that is the spike protein from the virus's coat.
What is this spike protein coat of the virus? It is a protein designed with 'stickiness' which allows it to adhere to the receptors on the membranes of cells comprising your organs. Improving this 'stickiness',
was the purpose of the gain of function research Dr. Anthony Fauci and his cohorts illegally outsourced to the Wuhan Virology Institute, given that such research went against certain biowarfare conventions
in effect for the United States!
These spike proteins enable the virus to inject into human cells the viral DNA or RNA contained in the interior of the invading virus (especially lung epithelial cells).
In a normal infection, the cells are hijacked to make more virus particles, which break out of the human cell and proliferate through our bloodstream and infect other cells. There are different kinds of viruses containing either DNA or RNA in their interior.
So this protein, which is foreign to the human body, is now very sticky to the outer membrane receptors of human cells. The mai

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