When the economy crashes, what happens? What happened to the economy of S. Vietnam when the US Left? What happened in #america during 1929? What is happening in Venezuela now with their economy? #MonopolyMoney ring a bell? What's coming for #america ?

Are you worried yet? I have this odd feeling that the great depression, wasn't a depression, our economy crashed.

Who founded the #federalreserve or the Private Western Central Bank? Look it up, it's not hidden. Some of the biggest names in the world founded the Federal Reserve. They're part of the Swamp. JP Morgan is one of them.

Wall Street & You: America’s New Slumlord (Walk In Verse Reports) Kindle Edition


As an independent journalist, each sale helps me to continue providing the information as I am 100% funded by you, the readers. Thank you.

#wallstreet #federalreserve #realestate #FactsMatter

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