Jeff Hertzog
5 months ago
The Uni-Party #UniParty both #democrats #republicans will NOT get the USA out of the #unitednations
The #un Reveals Plan To BAN All #fossilfuels
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Jeff Hertzog
6 months ago
In Case You Missed This

So the Woke, #Left , #Globalists , #Fascists #Communists , #Perverts , etc. wants you to get an #ElectricCar
1) If the #battery is charged, set for 400 miles, then you turn on the Air Conditioning, lower the windows, turn lights, the radio on, etc. You suddenly only get 150 miles per “tank”!

2) What if all the #florida residents who evacuated had Electric Cars; sitting in traffic, or flooded out? You woke lefties tell me how you are going to get to their cars and fill it up with battery power?

3) Do you have the untold 1000’s of dollars to replace that battery if it goes? You have warranties on it? Or is it you really want Americans not to go anywhere or use mass transit? I bet you use plenty of #fossilfuels you hypocrite!
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