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04 August, 06:20
https://holistichealth.one... !Life Saving Information for our hoodwinked Vaxxed loved ones and those around them that are shedders and spreaders of this bioweapon. Please share far and wide as we can help save many children's, seniors and people's lives! People getting vaxxed/boosted (not on this site hopefully, but some of our friends and relatives are, so this is to help them) are shedding and spreading this bioweapon (yes, it's patented) not the unvaxxed. You should always have protection against being around those that are actively shedding. The Covid-19 vaccines are manufactured with malaria parasites and spike proteins just to name a few of the reasons people are getting seriously ill with respiratory failure. They are shown to be gene altering (Changes Your DNA!) and also causing HIV and AIDS in many people. This needs to be stopped asap. You and your loved ones need to detox this crap out of their bodies, it will be life or death. Please share this so we can all be free from "forced vaccines" aka Euthanasia. #vaccines #vaccine #exemption #covid -19 #MonkeyPox
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01 August, 05:06
https://holistichealth.one... Neurological Disorders like Parkinson's Disease, Epilepsy, Alzheimer's, Huntington's, Dementia and Nerve Degeneration are the worst kind of condition to have. Learning how to treat Parkinsons naturally can give you back the quality of your life as well as calm nerves and a clear and lucid mind. You can help prevent brain and nervous system disorders by treating them preventatively and naturally. #parkinson #parkinson 's #parkinsons #nerves #Brain
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01 August, 02:19
https://arthritistreatment... Stop suffering with knee pain, there is something that really works to reverse knee arthritis pain. Arthritis in Your Knees is the most common place arthritis affects in most people. It can affect your mobility and cause a great deal of pain and discomfort if not treated. The holistic natural treatment for knee arthritis cleans up the damage, treats infections if you have them, and restore joint cartilage and joint fuel for pain free mobility. #arthritis #kneepain #osteoarthritis #rheumatoid #knee
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31 July, 04:25
https://holistichealth.one... Can you grow new healthy tooth enamel and stop painful cavities naturally? Your teeth are living and growing vital organs in your body. Just like your bones they can be re-mineralized with the right holistic approach. Your teeth are not dead, or else they would not feel pain! Use these proven methods to restore tooth enamel, stop acids from eating away your tooth enamel and causing receding gum line and gingivitis. Improves your smile and oral health! #tooth #teeth #cavities #dentistry #holistic
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28 July, 12:40
https://holistichealth.one... EMF's like 5G can wipe out your immune system (so you catch every virus going around), destroys DNA and cooks your brain! 5G frequencies enter your skull and can be programmed between the waves to add hypnotic programming (words you actually hear in your head!) 5G EMF also allows dormant viruses to awaken due to your immune system dying off. Graphene oxide in vaccines reacts with 5G EMF radiation frequencies to alter your DNA! How to protect your home and family's health from these harmful frequencies. #emf #5g #immune #DNA #graphene
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26 July, 01:07
https://holistichealth.one... The Holistic Treatment of Cancer is a safe and effective alternative medicine treatment that uses non-toxic items instead of Chemotherapy, Radiation or Surgery. It can even help you prevent jab related cancers (aggressive melanomas) and recover from the side effects of medical cancer treatments like chemo and radiation sickness, nausea, hair loss, immuno- suppression. Get better without getting sicker. Works with your body instead of against it. Best natural remedies and therapies for cancer relief. #cancer #alternativemedicine #tumors #holistic #health
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25 July, 12:01
https://holistichealth.one... Acids and Abrasive brushing erodes tooth enamel, gumline and causes tooth decay and sharp pain. Alkaline Bonding Mineral Complex Stops tooth decay and restores lost tooth enamel naturally. How to Save Your Teeth and Smile! Natural way to prevent and stop cavities, tooth decay. It Rebuilds natural tooth enamel, stops cavities and abscess, restores receding gum line from erosion. Helps avoid painful and costly dental visits! #tooth #teeth #decay #cavities #gums
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24 July, 03:13
https://arthritistreatment... You can actually reverse osteoarthritis by restoring your natural healthy balance between magnesium/calcium in the ratio needed that stops arthritis wear and reduces joint pain and inflammation. Use systemic enzymes to stop bone spurs and heal scar tissue that causes joint stiffness and inflexibility. It will also smooth out joint surfaces. This is the approach that stops bone loss, heals spurs, resurfaces worn cartilage and replace depleted synovial fluid (joint fluid.) #osteoarthritis #arthritis #jointpain #holistic #health
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23 July, 01:20
https://holisticpetcare.sc... Stop your Cat or Dog from having peeing accidents on your carpet, floor or bed. Natural medicine for Urinary incontinence in dogs is the involuntary or accidental passing of urine. Dog incontinence is not rare but is a fairly common problem in dogs of all ages. Urinary incontinence in Cats is just as common. Although incontinence in dogs can happen to your “best friend” at any age, it is most common in middle- to senior-aged dogs. #pets #Dogs #cats #incontinence #peeing
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21 July, 05:53
https://holistichealth.one... Stops the cause of your psoriasis. Psoriasis affects your largest organ - your skin when your liver is overloaded and can't get rid of the toxins fast enough. You can get rid of it naturally without prescription medicines with side effects by getting rid of the cause of your psoriasis. #psoriasis #eczema #liver #detox #skincancer
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19 July, 02:55
https://holistichealth.one... Yeast Infections Happen When Your Body's Balance is Overly Acidic and Candida, Yeast and Mold Spores can now thrive and cause severe chronic infections in your body. This natural way works best. Yeast infections are common in men and women and can cause a toxic inner system, oral thrush as well as toenail fungus and digestive issues. You can restore proper balance with healthy bacteria (the opposite of excess yeast.) #yeast #candida #fungus #Infection #health
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17 July, 07:01
https://holisticpetcare.sc... As the weather gets warmer, insects begin to get restless, keep them off your pets and out of your home! Fleas and Ticks are not only nuisances to you and your pets but can cause serious illness like Lyme Disease. Use the best holistic pet care for natural flea and tick repellent as well as the best natural treatment for flea and tick bites and infections to prevent larvae from growing under your dogs or cats skin and fur. Safe to spray on your pets, bedding, fur, skin as well as areas where they sit or lay. Helps prevent fleas and ticks from taking over your home. #fleas #ticks #lyme #holistic #pets
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Kerri Rivera interviews Dr. Jessica Hayman - #health #holistic #medicine #Medical #alternative https://www.brighteon.com/...

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