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24 June, 02:45
(admin) Classic Projection: He asked to have it done and blames it on the NHS.
Man says he had sex organs removed on NHS then regretted it the same day


A man has said he had his sex organs removed on the NHS, before regretting it later the same day. The man, who tweets under the name TullipR, said he “cannot believe they were allowed to do this to me” following the procedure. He added that he was not warned of the outcome of the surgery, adding that he was not “asked if I wanted to freeze my sperm”.

The man, who says he is gay, told his 19,000 followers on Twitter: “The minute I woke up from surgery, I knew I had made the biggest mistake of my life.” The man said he "couldn't believe" the NHS were allowed to do it to him
Dominic Lipinski

He continued: “I have been castrated. That is the correct term.

“I cannot believe they [the NHS] were allowed to do this to me.

“I was not even asked if I wanted to freeze my sperm or have kids in the future.”

The man says he transitioned aged 25, before starting to take female hormones.

He then went on to undergo NHS surgery called “penile inversion with scrotal”, which removes the male genitals and uses the tissue to form a false vagina.
Nhong Tran Nhu @TranNhuNhong
19 June, 09:34

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