Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
01 July, 07:57
Asking the Saints of #god & #JesusChrist for #Prayers for Michael Badnarik, 2004 #libertarian Party #potus Candidate; who I voted for, in the Hospital! Robert Scott Bell announced that on Friday's show which I host on Radio America USA
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
26 June, 01:14
Every ONE of US, #Americans must NOW
1. See to it your state outlaws #ABORTION & prosecute those Tyrants to the fullest extent!
2. Now that the #RINO has heled the #democrats chip at our #2a rights with the bill #joebiden signed, if you have to vote #Constitutional Independents and 3rd parties that are Constitutional (Libertarian, Constitution Party, Patriot Party, etc.) get them out of #Congress , State Legislatures, Mayors, Governors, etc.

With #RoevWade over, it is NOW in #wethepeople hands and #10a
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
23 June, 05:17
#Pennsylvania - NO EXCUSES! you do NOT have to vote for #RINO #Oz & #Communist John Fetterman - you have 2 #Constitutional Choices! Wake Up!

Here they are! Ronald Johnson (#Constitution Party) https://ronjohnsonforesena...

#libertarian Erik Chase Gerhardt -->

Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
23 May, 12:06
Erik Chase Gerhardt (#libertarian Party) is the Choice instead of #Fascist #NAZI #Communist #DrOz to replace Fascist #Progressive Pat “the Looney Toon Show” Toomey!

Eric Chase will protect the #constitution and help restore Pennsylvania!

Vote for Eric!
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
19 May, 10:23
John Fetterman, #Pennsylvania’s Lt. Governor is also responsible for not responding to my pleads for help in 2018 when the Big Bad Wolf would not intervene while I was abused & almost killed @ Valley Manor Nursing Home in Coopersburg, Pennsylvania, this spawn of Satan can NOT be elected to the US #Senate !

Erik Chase Gerhardt (#libertarian Party) is the Choice to replace Fascist Progressive Pat “the Looney Toon Show” Toomey!

Eric Chase will protect the #constitution and help restore Pennsylvania!

#EricChase #libertarian for US Senate -
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
18 May, 04:28
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
18 May, 04:03
#Pennsylvania - Do NOT Vote for #JoshShapiro , Vote #libertarian #MattHackenberg ! Photo self explanatory! Shapiro would and did NOT prosecute those who abused me in 2018 at Valley Manor Nursing Home! You vote for Shapiro you vote for MURDER on all angles! https://www.matthackenburg...
Don Gaines @captaingaines
23 April, 09:01
this from; David Edward Garber
Owner The Patriots

Welcome, fellow American patriots!

We warmly welcome everyone who cherishes our American republic's exemplary political heritage of rightful liberty under Constitutional law! And those who share Mark Twain's sentiments that "patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it." And those who oppose statism, like socialism and fascism.

We envision this group as a virtual Liberty Tree beneath whose canopy 21st-century sons-and-daughters of liberty (libertarians, Constitutionalists, republicans, anti-statists, et cetera) may assemble to network, to rally and educate and inform each other, to discuss current events, to organize action, and to have fun! Please invite others to join us!!!

Members who engage in incivility will be warned, members who continue it may be temporarily silenced, and members who persist in it may be evicted. Members who post commerce, scams, porn, nudity, personals, or other irrelevant content may be evicted. Admins may remove spam like duplicate feed posts and/or excessive chat memes.

Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
13 April, 07:14
#CNN Causes Surge In Sales After Bashing #libertarian Children’s Books https://sonsoflibertymedia...
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
13 April, 08:09
#america #wakeupamerica - PAY ATTENTION! Achtung!
In the wake of #Fascist #NAZI #Communists #Sodomite #pedophile #democrats & their #RINO #republican allies, and them seeking to do all they can that #donaldtrump does not get the #gop 2024 Nomination for #potus ;
You MUST NOW, I PLEAD WITH YOU, Do as I have done forever, register #Independent (Non Affiliated) and also GET OUT OF BOTH THE D & R PARTIES!

Also consider these third parties as I have done, these I list you seriously need to consider! It is YOUR nation at stake, you all will be here long after I am gone!

Patriot Party - #PatriotParty -

Patriot Party of America - http://patriotpartyofameri...

American Patriot Party - https://www.americanpatrio...

Libertarian Party - #libertarian -

Constitution Party - #constitution - https://constitutionparty....

American Constitution Party - http://www.americanconstit...
Mr. Nobody @admin
02 February, 12:04
Allow me to explain something very clearly:

1. I am a (former, but ALWAYS still United States Marine).
2. I have fought for, killed for, and nearly died for this great nation.
3. My whole family served this great nation (Marines, Sailors, Soldiers).
4. I am a Constitutionalist, God-Fearing, Conservative, Libertarian.
5. My Oath will never expire; not to this Nation, not to you, not to God.
6. I do NOT want a violent revolution in the U.S., but I also know it's coming.
7. Revolution has never required the majority; only 1-3% to change everything.

My Promise(s):

- I will absolutely fight again for this great nation, and I will never bow to any Unconstitutional demands. I do not negotiate with Foreign or Domestic enemies.

- I am your greatest ally, friend, and Patriot, but I am your worst enemy.

- I have seen war, death, and dug my own hole to either live or die in. I have done things you have not dreamt about in your worst nightmares. Many of us have, and we came home hoping to never have to do them again, but I will.

- I've lived my life. I've met death at the front door dozens if not hundreds of times. Death does not scare me; facing it, or causing it. I do not go looking for fights, but I have never, and will never run from one, regardless of the odds. The Few, The Proud, First In, Last to Leave, and Leave No One Behind. Semper Fidelis!

- Throughout history it has ALWAYS taken as little as 1% of the people to actually overcome evil, fight and win the battles, and we are due for this battle regardless of how peaceful you, I, or they want it to be.

- The biggest empires throughout history have fallen because the smallest minority had enough. HUGE EMPIRES, China, The Great Wall, Romans, Mayans, Egyptians, and of course our own Independence.

- Many of you think social media has censored all of us veterans, defenders, and that we are not united, and we are not capable of amassing a defense and offense. YOU ARE ALL GREATLY MISTAKEN! We are more closely connected than you can possibly imagine. Violence is always the last choice. It must always be the last choice, because once the gates have been opened, they will not be closed until every river, lake, stream, and road runs red. WE who have been there, seen that, done that, understand that. YOU DO NOT! You think there will be a Civil War in your front yards, and you're impatience is deafening, because you cannot possibly comprehend what the violence is. You don't know to open your mouth and exhale all air to avoid having your lungs collapse when the percussions begin. You know none of this, and all of us pray you never have to learn.

- You can censor me, ban me, turn off the electricity, Internet, water, all of it, but we are all prepared, and we are more than you can imagine. We are connected in ways you cannot understand, and we are ready, willing, and able, but we are all PRAYING DESPERATELY for miracles, because there is no going back.
Breaker O'Day @Breaker
10 December, 08:13
From resisting to civil and civic breakdown. The left has figuratively and literally lost their minds. Liberalism really is a mental disorder.

Being a liberal doesn't mean being a libertarian, as it should mean. What it means today, is an Anti-American, Anti-Freedom/Liberty, Constitution-Hating, Communism-Loving, over-sensitized, over-sexualized, ignorant, group-thinking, self-hating, and violent set of people (There are more things, but this post would be a mile long).

This is why even though they got what they wanted, almost total control of the federal government, they're still not happy. They won't be happy until they destroy everything that we know today. Remember that.
Anthony Hilder @anthonyjhilder
29 November, 02:41
The Brown Shirts Are Back - Nuremberg Code Abandoned - Godfrey Bloom
Godfrey Bloom is a libertarian author with six books published on both military history & Austrian School Economics. He worked in the City of London where he won an international prize for fund management. He represented Yorkshire & Lincolnshire in the European Parliament. During his term of office he attracted over sixty million views on his chamber speeches exposing State bank & tax malpractice on Facebook & You Tube. Thought to be an all time record. He brought experience if not influence to the mainly lay EU Parliamentary Monetary & Economic Affairs Committee, putting both members & European Central Bank President under unaccustomed pressure. Godfrey Bloom is holder of the Territorial Decoration & bar, Sovereign’s Medal, Armed Forces Parliamentary Medal & European Parliamentary silver medal. He is married to one of Europe’s leading equine physiotherapists.
The Brown Shirts Are Back - Nuremberg Code Abandoned - YouTube

Alt Channels: Books:Magic Of Banking:

Mr. Nobody @admin
05 October, 05:34
The great ambiguity since 2020 is not talked about much. I think most Americans feel HOMELESS.

-- A lot of Democrats don't identify with the extreme policies of the lunatic liberals in their party, but they don't want to switch parties, so they're stuck; sort of.

-- A lot of Republicans don't identify with the RINOs deafening silence and inaction from so-called Conservatives, but they go along with the red wave, so they're stuck; sort of.

-- Libertarians are basically aimless since Ron Paul.

-- Independents are just out there, indecisive and also aimless.
Mr. Nobody @admin
30 March, 04:52

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