A History Lesson About Petty Tyrants & Vaccine Mandates
By Frank Miele Vaccine mandates are nothing new. Nor are petty tyrants. Nor is Joe Biden the first person to try to use the police powers of the state to compel Americans to violate their own personal convictions and take a vaccine they find to be unnecessary if not dangerous. More than 125 years ago, a Brooklyn, N.Y., commissioner of health named Z. Taylor Emery demanded that two men who worked in delivery services be locked up until they “submitted to vaccination” for smallpox. William Smith and his employee Thomas Cummings had no known exposure to smallpox, but they were nonetheless put into a weeks-long quarantine lockdown by Emery, whom they promptly sued for false imprisonment.

The facts of this 1894 case (read here, starting at original page 325) provide a fascinating mirror in microcosm of what we as a nation are undergoing today. Not too many months ago, President Biden and Dr. Anthony Fauci agreed that vaccine mandates were immoral and unconstitutional, but since then they apparently have realized that medical mandates are also the easiest way to corral and control the American public into obedience.

Forget that vaccination doesn’t protect you from becoming ill from COVID-19. Forget that CDC data shows the vaccine itself has caused thousands of deaths and countless injuries. Forget that the latest variant of the virus — the so-called omicron strain — actually appears to be considerably less severe than the prior versions. (Symptoms are about equivalent to that other famous virus, the common cold!) None of that matters as long as free people can be trained to line up dutifully like Pavlov’s dogs every time the government rolls out a new booster shot. Woof! Woof!

Fortunately, after a month of victories in lower courts, the proponents of liberty and specifically medical autonomy have the upper hand. The Biden administration’s arbitrary mandates have all been temporarily halted, but as the story of Dr. Emery’s crusade against smallpox warns us, what one court forbids, another will happily allow.

Here are the frightening details that remind us how easily, with the help of self-appointed Big Brothers, even 1894 can be transposed into Orwell’s authoritarian “1984”:

Brooklyn was in the midst of a smallpox epidemic; Smith and Cummings were not vaccinated against the disease; and yet they chose to continue working in Brooklyn despite the health risk to themselves. When Emery, the local health commissioner, heard about the pair, he took drastic steps.

“It appears that the said commissioner had confined them in the building where they carried on their business by stationing at their door police officers who prevented them from coming out or anyone else from going in,” wrote Judge William Gaynor in his ruling as he took aim at Emery.

Gaynor framed the case for medical autonomy perfectly:

Thousands in Austria protest against the country’s lockdown and mandatory vaccine requirement.On Saturday, more than 40,000 people gathered and marched in Vienna to protest against the government’s new laws. Austria is the first country in western Europe to impose another lockdown and will reportedly start imposing vaccine requirements beginning in February.Many protesters said they were in attendance because they’re against forced vaccinations.
“I’m for human rights and the violation of human rights should be stopped,” said one protester.
More than 1,000 police officers were deployed at the protest, with no injuries being reported. The protest comes after the Austrian government extended the lockdown by 10 additional days on Tuesday


#Austin , #texas - A reported "armed subject" at an Austin, Texas High School. At approximately 1000 hrs, local police were called to Akins High School due to an armed subject, and the school was placed on lockdown.

This is more than likely another red flag incident. Notice that this is another #democrat run area. This is no Coincidence.

Doctor calls for lockdown for ... the VACCINATED!

#covid 2.0: #joebiden Hints More Lockdowns Possible Over #Omicron #Variant#Fauci claims "everything's on the table" to combat new variant

#UK #UnitedKingdom - #AntiVaccine nurse Kay "Kate" Shemirani, 56, will face trial next month for organizing three anti-lockdown rallies - Pay Attention #america & #wakeupamerica NOW!

Hundreds Of Thousands Rebel Against Coercionhe first clip begins with a montage of video from cities across Europe where thousands of protesters took to the streets to demand an end to vaccine mandates and lockdowns. That is followed by a live report by Ben Harnwell in Rome.“Over continental Europe this weekend there have been hundreds of thousands of people protesting against the Covid measures taking by the respective governments… The common theme between each and every single one of these countries is we are seeing a rebellion against coercion. That’s the key point here. Don’t think for the folks who are listening at home in the States that this is all on the other side of the Atlantic, and it’s not going to happen here. This is out of control here in Europe and it is definitely coming to America.”

#protests and Rage Against #lockdowns and #Mandates All Over the World (Needs to be done here in #usa ) #wakeupamerica -

Two days ago in #Melbourne , #Australia , anti-lockdown #protestors sing We're Not Gonna Take It outside their Parliament building.

LEAKED: Democrat Governor Tried To Pump COVID Numbers To Justify LOCKDOWN, Emails Show -

This is #SouthDakota and #Hawaii 's COVID numbers Hawaii had and still has a mask "mandate" and had lockdowns. Yet Hawaii has had a higher death rate and vaccination rate, but... The case rate day to day "post lockdown" is about the same. Why? It's either the tests are faulty, the people working in the DOH are lying, or it's both.

Coming soon to a #democrat / #Leftist run area near you. Have you had enough yet?

Austria Orders Lockdown for the Unvaccinated, Directs Police to Carry Out Spot-Checks
Austrian Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg on Sunday announced the country is placing millions of people who aren’t fully vaccinated for COVID-19 on lockdown starting Monday. About 65 percent of the Central European nation’s population is vaccinated, according to government data. Under the measures revealed on Sunday, unvaccinated people are ordered to stay at home except for limited reasons.

The rules, the government said, will be enforced by police officers who will be out on the streets carrying out spot-checks on people who are in public. Unvaccinated people are already excluded from entertainment venues, bars, restaurants, and similar venues and businesses.

The MSM calls peaceful protests riots, and riots peaceful protests.
#LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder #EatMyAssAss

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