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The same asshole who created PayPal and now SpaceX, is now going to offer free Wi-Fi to everyone with his "Satellites" that he's going to launch? The same asshole that shut people off from using his service? He can kiss my ass.

First Musk backs bitcoin because he knows that the right is heading that way, and says that he'll start accepting bitcoin as payment for cars, then he stops because it's not "environmentally friendly". This bugger is trying to win both sides over. I don't know why, it's because he's a sociopath, or he's part of the deep state, but this isn't the first time this has happened. There's something wrong with him.

UK Muslim publication says Christian stabbed at Speakers’ Corner ‘is known for insulting the Prophet’ -

Social media giants’ Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism classifies Jihad Watch as ‘violent extremism’ -

PayPal, MasterCard, banks act against dissenters from Leftist agenda, including foes of jihad terror -

Peter Navarro calls Wuhan lab ‘house that Fauci built’ in scorching rant: ‘He needs to be OUT!

The Columbia Bugle ColumbiaBugle · 8h
Tucker Carlson & Emeriticus Calling Out Vaccine Mandates, Big Pharma, & The Censorship Surrounding Vaccines Including The ADL Teaming Up With Paypal To Deplatform "Extremists"
Pedro: "This isn't about public safety, it's about control."



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