Decentralize Government: America Free Radio with Brooks Agnew
(admin) Brooks gets into Politics around the 26 minute mark after he cuts Censoring Youtube loose. Youtube will give him a strike and censor his channel. He has several other live streaming channels going that will carry on with his presentation. Youtube is not Free Speech anymore and is owned by Google which spies on everyone it touches and keeps it forever.

States with Mask Mandates Reporting Higher Coronavirus Numbers than Maskless Florida -

#OIL #reserves released by #joebiden expected to primarily go to #RedChina , #India - U.S. taps 50 million barrels of oil from reserves in an attempt to tamper spiking costs at the gas pump -

more fear porn & something VERY fishy! As #Omicron #Variant Throws World Into Chaos, One Company Suddenly Says It Already Has ‘#Vaccine’ in Testing for It (yeah right, sure! I have bridges for sale!) https://trendingpolitics.c...

Vaccine Holdouts Face $4,000 Fine in Austria’s Virus Crackdown Read more at: https://www.bloombergquint...

VP Kamala Harris to NASA: Track Tree ‘Races’ for Environmental Justice -

'Mistrial with Prejudice': Defense Team Files Motion Showing Prosecutors Withheld Evidence That Would Clear Rittenhouse - https://trendingpolitics.c...

Still trying to associate this guy with the right. It isn't working. His family is heavily #democrat and his dad is openly democrat on the bench. This is why #CNN 's ratings are in the toilet.

Ep. 2629b - [DS] Evil Exposed, This Is Not About Politics, It’s About Preserving Our Way Of Life
The [DS] is now trapped, everything they have done to Trump has now turned on them. The [DS] has now exposed their evil plan to the American people. They have been trying to remove free speech, freedom of press, privacy, the right to not be searched, the right to defend one self, the right to carry arms, basically the constitution. All of this has failed because the people see it all, they see the evil plan. This is not about R v D, or race, politics, this is about preserving our way of life, and protecting the generations that follow. The people are learning how to fight for freedom again, the [DS] is panicking over the public that is now thinking for themselves.

Desmond Tutu: Israel guilty of apartheid in treatment of Palestinians

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