#america #wakeupamerica - PAY ATTENTION! Achtung!
In the wake of #Fascist #NAZI #Communists #Sodomite #pedophile #democrats & their #RINO #republican allies, and them seeking to do all they can that #donaldtrump does not get the #gop 2024 Nomination for #potus ;
You MUST NOW, I PLEAD WITH YOU, Do as I have done forever, register #Independent (Non Affiliated) and also GET OUT OF BOTH THE D & R PARTIES!

Also consider these third parties as I have done, these I list you seriously need to consider! It is YOUR nation at stake, you all will be here long after I am gone!

Patriot Party - #PatriotParty - https://patriotparty.info/

Patriot Party of America - http://patriotpartyofameri...

American Patriot Party - https://www.americanpatrio...

Libertarian Party - #libertarian - https://www.lp.org/

Constitution Party - #constitution - https://constitutionparty....

American Constitution Party - http://www.americanconstit...

You think the left cares? They hate the constitution. That's the cold, hard truth. If it wasn't for POTUS DJT, we'd be locked in a deadly civil war/WWIII right now. For all those who said he didn't do enough, if you look back and calculate his moves, he did a lot more than you thought he did.


Hm... It's almost time for POTUS #biden for his #1Year physical. Will the #25thAmendment come back to bite him in the ass? Keep your eyes open. Remember, if the 25th Amendment takes out Biden, you're still going to have Harris as President. But who takes the Veep slot? Interesting, very interesting.

BOOM! Sen. Ron Johnson Drops Truth-Bomb on Senate Floor – 63% of UK Delta Deaths in Last 7.5 Months Were Fully Vaccinated (VIDEO)

Obviously, the recent surge in cases and deaths is NOT a pandemic of the unvaccinated!

The media won’t tell you this.
The social media giants will censor this.
So, Ron Johnson dropped this truth-bomb on the floor of the US Senate.

Senator Ron Johnson

.POTUS says this is a pandemic of the unvaxxed. Data from England show 63% of Delta deaths in last 7.5 months were fully vaxxed. Why won’t CDCgov share US data with the American people? What is the justification of mandates and refusal to recognize natural immunity?


We should have never been in Afghanistan, but we were.

People always say, "Why did you go there if you knew it was wrong?"

Answer: "To protect my brothers and sisters next to me, and the innocent people being murdered, abused, stoned to death, raped, tortured."

We went because we had to, and that's something you won't understand unless you've served. Biden is weak. The Taliban and ISIS knocked off their nonsense, because Trump was strong, and they knew he would rain down all hell upon them if they acted up; so they didn't. The whole world knows we have weak, non-existent leadership, so they no longer fear consequences. Yes; Trump was removing all the troops, but still they did not advance, because they knew better. If Trump was still our POTUS, this would NOT have happened.

You just don't know the torture of seeing the evils over there. You don't want to know it, EVER. You have to understand that most of these people had no idea about 9/11, or why we were even there, and they hated us to begin with, but then they loved us. They absolutely cheered for us, waving American Flags, hugging us, feeding us, and gifting things to us. They appreciated the freedom. Women could drive, go to school, work, and be free. Children could go to school without being abducted, stolen, raped, and married at 12yrs of age.

ALL OF THAT IS GONE! These people who 99% are good, kind people, have lost 20 years of freedom.

For those of us who have been there, this tears our hearts out. We fought, many injured, and died for the freedom and humanity of these people, only to have it all destroyed.

This CUTS DEEPLY, and we are going to see Veteran mental health emergencies and suicides due to this. The Afghan people for the most part were humble, peaceful, farmers. This is terrible!

I don't blame them. I'd want the WH to declass the files too, if in their position. Honestly? I don't think that there are files to be declassed, or POTUS Trump would've declassed them if there were any.

Ep. 2545b-MI,No Such Agency-Key,POTUS & Patriots-Stone,Everything Revolves Around P 2020 Election
Trump and the patriots needed the [DS] to commit the crime, the patriots caught them in the act. Now the people are rallying together to show fraud, fraud vitiates everything. Military Intelligence and No Such Agency are the key, they have captured the foreign and domestic collusion in the Presidential election, Trump caught them all. Trump and the patriots are the stone that has the strength to push the truth out to the rest of the people, both together is the keystone. Everything we are witnessing revolves around the Presidential Election of 2020, when fraud is shown to the public the current government will be incapacitated. Devolution.

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