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#Garden Rebels: 10 Ways to Sow #revolution in Your Back Yard (and Why You MUST Declare Your #Independence ) - #Organic #Garden - https://www.theorganicprep...
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03 July, 03:18
We Are Living Through a Communist Revolution

Recognizing that communism didn’t end with the fall of the Berlin Wall, former President Trump said in a speech, “…we will fight the onslaught of radicalism, socialism, and indeed it all leads to communism once and for all.”

Not only does Trump understand that communism is not dead, he perceives that this foreign and alien ideology is in control of the Democratic Party.

Flying the flag on July 4th can’t turn back the clock.

As we take pride in America, we have to recognize what has America become – and what is it becoming. For that answer, read the Communist Manifesto and take note of the fact that literally dozens of communist groups operate on American soil, in open violation of the Communist Control Act, which is still on the books. (It was introduced by a Democrat, Senator Hubert Humphrey, and signed by a Republican president, Dwight Eisenhower.)

As I note in The Sword of Revolution and The Communist Apocalypse, the Marxists see the U.S. as a society based on slavery which has since become the leading capitalist nation and must therefore be “transformed” into socialism on the road to communism. Hence, we currently see Marxists and their fellow travelers refer to slavery as the basis for American capitalism and the need for reparations.

This is what Democrats call “progressive” ideology.

Looking at this through Marxist eyes, the U.S. developed beyond an economic system based on slavery to be in the current stage between capitalism and socialism, what is called the highest stage of capitalism. This is when the Marxists capture the major organs of finance capital, major corporations, and the means of communication.

The centralization of the means of communications in the hands of the state, a key plank of the Communist Manifesto, is being implemented in the United States under the one-party state now in power. We are literally living through a “world revolution,” which is why I started the publication, “World Revolution Report,” to open the eyes of Americans to our fate as a country.
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