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19 September, 11:10

There's something about fall that gets everyone thinking about a fresh start, myself included. Maybe it's the realization that the year is almost over or that those laid-back summer days are coming to a close that moves us to get things done.

Whatever the case, Perfect Keto is here to keep you FRESH for fall with their Build Your Own Bundle promo, happening now through the 23rd. Here’s how it works:

You pick 3 or more keto snacks and supplements that will help you make the most progress toward your goals.

👉 Discount automatically applied at checkout. Save 30% off everything! It’s that easy.

Fan-favorite products like Nola Bars, Keto Collagen, and Mac & Cheese are all eligible AS WELL AS your favorites from SuperFat and their newly added Keto Bars.

If weight loss is one of your goals, I would definitely recommend including Exogenous Ketone Base in your bundle. There are tons of delicious flavors available and adding a scoop in your coffee or almond milk can help transition your body into ketosis.

If supported immunity is a high priority for you, opt for their Daily Electrolytes. It includes 125% of your daily recommended vitamin D which is super helpful when your body is fighting off germy invaders.

You can’t go wrong (unless you miss the sale completely). So start building your own bundle and make the rest of 2022 incredible.

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30 August, 05:21
#2a #2aShallNotBeInfringed #SecondAmendment #GunRights
the People's Republic if Communist Fascist #NewYorkAState Lawmakers Urge #VISA , #Mastercard , to Flag #GUN Sales https://www.breitbart.com/...
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29 August, 11:08
#California Demands More #Inflation – Bans #gasoline In New #Car Sales By 2035 https://thewashingtonstand...
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
28 August, 09:44
#CNN : #Mealworm seasoning: Scientists explore creepy-crawly flavoring to satisfy meat cravings (yeah, ok, sure & I have bridges for sale!) https://www.cnn.com/2022/0...
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22 August, 05:04
https://healthyketodiet.sc... Healthy Keto Snacks lower your blood sugar and help you lose excess weight while giving you clean energy and satisfaction. Enjoy life now! #Keto #snacks #hyperglycemia #weight loss #sale
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20 August, 02:11
Uninformed Consent (Full Documentary, Part 1 & 2)

Story at-a-glance

The documentary “Uninformed Consent” takes a deep dive into the COVID-19 narrative — who’s controlling it and how fear was used to push novel, unproven gene transfer technology onto, and into, people of all ages
Weaving in and out of the heart-wrenching story of one man’s loss, interviews with doctors and scientists explore the loss of human rights in the name of biosecurity, and how the “elite class” profit from it all
“Divide and conquer” — creating division among people — is an age-old war strategy. During Hitler’s reign, anti-Semitism was normalized through propaganda in which Jews were likened to “lice” and were accused of carrying infectious disease. The same tactic was used during the COVID pandemic
The personal story that is returned to again and again throughout the film is that of a grieving husband, whose wife committed suicide. She suffered relentless bullying and harassment from coworkers and superiors for refusing the jab, and when she was finally placed on unpaid leave, she took her own life
The film reviews the medical establishment’s wholesale abandonment of the Hippocratic Oath, the lawless culture of the drug industry and its capture of regulatory agencies and media, the history of informed consent and why coercion and mandates violate this basic public health principle, vaccine injuries and vaccine-injury denialism, the behind-the-scenes corruption that led to the suppression of science and early treatment, and more
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10 August, 06:16
#joebiden Administration Now Tracking #Ammunition Sales (Video) https://sonsoflibertymedia...
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08 August, 10:38
https://healthyketodiet.sc... Back to school Healthy Keto Snacks, taste great and keep you full and full of energy. Brain and heart healthy snacks that you will love eating. Use Coupon Code: BACKTOSCHOOL to save now. #Keto #ketosis #healthy #snacks #LowCarb
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31 July, 06:15
https://waterionizer.revie... Why Alkaline Ionized Molecular Hydrogen Water is the healthiest water you can drink. Structured, Micro-Clustered, Ant-aging Antioxidant Water is the best water on the planet for health, healing and recovery. Cancer and Pathogens (viruses, bacteria, parasites) can't live in an alkaline body. Alkaline Ionic Water is fully hydrating and healing. It is also the best tasting water in the world! Get it on sale now with huge discounts and free accessories now! #water #ionizer #alkaline #ionic #ionized
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27 July, 07:18
KristinaSalen @KristinaSalen
21 July, 12:32
Kristina Salen - Member of The Board Of Directors And Audit Committee

Kristina Salen is a strategic and operating executive for technology and finance companies like Etsy, Sirius XM and Fidelity. She has the breadth and depth of nearly 30 years experience helping companies grow with intention. As a CFO, Kristina has built finance teams from scratch, scaled them to public-company ready and optimized them to gold standard efficiency.

website : https://justpaste.it/u/Kri...
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07 July, 06:16
#CNN Suggests #GUN Shops Should Check Buyers’ #socialmedia Pages Before Agreeing Sales - “is it too much to ask the gun seller to do a cursory check?" - #ArrestAlisynCamerota https://www.infowars.com/p...
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18 June, 04:46
Hey all, most of you know that I'm doing Business Capitol now. We are so busy, crazy busy so if you or if you know anyone, that wants a side gig that pays very well, let me know,, There is NO cost to you, other than your time to get trained, ZERO cost to start making money and helping others out. This is NOT a "sales" position, we just inform, let businesses we are here when they need us. NO SALES, no paperwork. You get paid the next day. Just to many benefits to list.
Let me know, we NEED help.
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26 April, 11:13
Crooked Raffensperger Certified the Stolen 2020 Election, Now He's Unilaterally Hired Salesforce, Headed by WEF Board Trustee, to Run GA's Voter Rolls Going Forward https://www.thegatewaypund...
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25 April, 04:03
Another Layer of Corruption in the Opioid Scandal Revealed

Story at-a-glance In 2021, McKinsey & Company, one of the largest consultants to corporations and governments worldwide, settled a lawsuit brought by 47 state attorneys general over its role in the U.S. opioid crisis
A U.S. House investigation reveals McKinsey was advising the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on the safety of opioids, while at the same time advising Purdue how to maximize sales
Jeff Smith, a senior McKinsey consultant, worked on a risk evaluation and mitigation strategy (REMS) for OxyContin while simultaneously advising the FDA about the drug’s safety
McKinsey promoted its FDA connections when pitching services to its pharmaceutical clients. The FDA, meanwhile, claims it had no idea McKinsey was working with Purdue
Purdue knew the dangers of its drug, covered it up, and hired FDA insiders to advise its sales strategy and how to influence the FDA. They also hired Publicis to manage its marketing. Publicis, the world’s largest PR company, funds and partners with “fact checking” organizations to suppress and censor the truth

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