This shit has got to stop. No matter what the left-wing says, there are only two biological sexes. Male and female. People who have a hot dog and a... taco. 😒 Now, placing men into women prisons is just asking for trouble. 🤦‍‍♂️ It's among the epic of the #stupidity of the #Left .

The #pandemic , #MaskWearing , #SARSCOVID #vaccines , #socialism , #racism , etc (for the left). For the right, the belief that only #ConservativeNews sites are good, #Boycotts (lately), starting a new party (stupid). Mass Psychosis. Mostly started by and perpetrated by the media, ignorance, and fueled by fear, it's kept alive by pure stupidity and laziness and ideology.

No, not toxic, the left's stupidity. They want everyone disarmed so they can bully everyone into believing what they believe. Those who are the strongest get to force everyone else into believing what they believe. If that's the case, their beliefs would be wiped out, the fools.

These "Rage Rooms" are unhealthy and encourage violence. #Liberals wonder why their states are full of violence? It's because of their stupidity.

If there was someone armed in the theater, the shooter could've been stopped before an innocent was harmed. This is something that the left doesn't realize in their great stupidity.

#Restaurant ‘Requiring’ Patrons to Prove They Are NOT #vaccinated
“We have zero tolerance for #treasonous , anti-American stupidity"

In response Jezebelle Grace to his Publication

Ah yes they can hear my psychopathic rants on people's stupidity.

Dumbo Joe stupidity is a threat to the West. The USA is gaining full recognition as a very weak Country do to Biden!

'Joe Biden's stupidity is now a threat to the West': Bolt - YouTube

Sky News host Andrew Bolt says the “stupidity” of US President Joe Biden is now a “threat to the West”.Mr Bolt said Biden's recent climate summit was a "disg...

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