Walk In Verse @walkinverse
12 November, 12:56
A Friday night read, "In Speculo." Poem by Kyle Richtig


Limbs embolden with a summer of sunsets
Speaks in yellows and oranges and reds
Like from forest to fire tipped branches
The flames lick at an azure sky with clouded threads.

read the rest at Written Tales!

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Holistic @Holistic
19 September, 11:10

There's something about fall that gets everyone thinking about a fresh start, myself included. Maybe it's the realization that the year is almost over or that those laid-back summer days are coming to a close that moves us to get things done.

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Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
19 September, 02:36
Why Are #Walmart & Other Major US Retailers Canceling BILLIONS Of Dollars In Orders As #summer Comes To An End? http://theeconomiccollapse...
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18 September, 09:28
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04 September, 07:17
As summer draws to a close, a wonderful little poem, to share its glorious days. Summer by Amanda Valerie Judd


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Anthony Hilder @anthonyjhilder
25 August, 01:20
The Ice Age Cometh : America Free Radio with Brooks Agnew
The Ice Age Cometh The mainstream are heat-chasers. They report only on stories that fit the AGW Party agenda. This cherry-picking leads to a painfully misinformed public when it comes to the climate–which is exactly where they want us. It usually stands, however, that if the MSM goes silent on a particular locale then it’s probably because that particular locale isn’t ‘behaving’ as they would like.

Case in point today: we have the Arctic and Greenland refusing to play ball.

Earth’s most-northern reaches are actually experiencing persistent and long-lasting COOLING, which is far more telling than a brief burst of heat in, for example, Western Europe, which, 1) is forecast to be over before it’s even really begun, and 2) can be tied to entirely natural forcings–namely low solar activity and a violently ‘buckling’ jet stream flow (more on that below).


The mainstream’s silence re. the Arctic this year is deafening. Why is it that ice loss is newsworthy yet substantial GAINS are deemed irrelevant? What we see from the likes of the BBC and CNN isn’t a honest account of worldly events, it’s selective programming.

These corporate-backed agencies never question vaccine safety issues, either, let alone efficacy — and it’s the same thing: their masters, those financial backers on high, are paying for the delivery of a narrative; and although the truth is forever circling the peripheral of said agenda, these backers have the wealth and influence to prevent it from ever infiltrating — truth is treated like a nuisance, like a swarm of flies that need swatting, constantly, forever –‘firehosing’– and they’re very good at it.

The Svaytoy Petr set sail from the far eastern Russian port of Petropavlovsk on June 23, on course for Arctic waters. Two weeks later, the oil tanker had reached the Bering Strait, but it encountered an issue — unusually thick summer ice.

The ship, built in 1992, with only limited ice-protection, called for assistance to break through an ice sheet that, even in mid-July, still covers major parts of the Arctic shipping route.
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19 July, 06:22
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
18 July, 07:22
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24 June, 04:34
#summer Preview: Rolling Blackouts, Higher #Gas Prices, Natural Gas Rationing In #Europe & A Historic #Diesel Crisis http://theeconomiccollapse...
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17 June, 06:43
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14 June, 06:59
#Capitol ‘insurrection’ deniers blamed for #Inflation - A former #Treasury secretary and Barack Hussein #Obama Soetoro Soebarkah adviser says #republicans downplaying the January 6 riot are contributing to surging prices https://www.rt.com/news/55...
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13 May, 07:44
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Anthony Hilder @anthonyjhilder
06 August, 01:26
https://katu.com/news/loca... Portland police union puts up billboards to raise awareness about public safety This comes on the heels of a tumultuous year that included clashes with protesters and calls from some for police accountability. Now, the bureau is facing some of the lowest staffing numbers it's ever had as more than 100 officers have left the force since last summer.

In June, Portland Police Bureau Officer Corey Budworth was indicted on an assault charge over a use of force incident during a protest last year.

In a statement, Turner said Officer Budworth acted within protocol and he accidentally hit Jacobs in the face. He told KATU that the indictment political.

After the indictment, all 50 members of Portland Police's rapid response team left their voluntary positions. The Rapid Response Team had responded to civil unrest in the city over the past year. Those officers continued with their regular assignments.
Breaker O'Day @Breaker
29 July, 07:58
Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan isn't running for re-election. It looks like she knows the gig is up, and she has to run for the hills. Her #DefundThePolice is backfiring in an epic way. LMAO
Jess Sosnoski @Starblazer
09 June, 03:24
Fauci Emails Caught Him Briefing World Leaders On Lab Leak Origin Last Summer - https://freeworldnews.tv/w...

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