You see the headline right, and those pics are real. Shipping lanes are clogged in #California . There aren't enough #truckers to deliver all the #Cans to stores. So all the cans are stuck on the ships. Also, #China has slowed production of goods (because of low electricity production), meaning supply of goods will be lowered, and prices will be higher.

#Christmas and shopping will suck ass this year for those with children. Buy your shit now, folks.

#gop prosecutor has threatened to charge truck drivers with felonies if they shut down a #Cincinnati , Ohio, highway in protest of employer #vaccine #Mandates .

This is in France. A version of this is in Australia when they reopen. It's being implemented in over a dozen other nations.

Here in France it has gone to the extreme with the "Health" Pass. Last week on the 21st ALL restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and any leisure activities like sporting events, theaters, cinemas, museums, were closed to anyone without "the pass" and all staff at these places are mandated to get the jab to keep their job.
It is now a 6 Month prison sentence if you are caught inside any of these places without the pass (the man who slapped the president in the face got only 3 months prison time). Business owners will get a fine of 45,000 euros and 1 year prison sentance if they do not comply with the use of "the pass" and force all their employees to get the jab. (If you know France, you can commit murder and have less of a sentence)
So the result? All the low paid employees quit, they can make more on welfare here. (for now) We can still technically "get take out food" but I just tried last night and every restaurant in our town (that is dine in with take out) has closed their doors due to the lack of staff.
As of last week ALL doctors, nurses and health industry workers have been mandated to get the jab or lose their license, practice, job, business etc. (ALL health care here is Govt paid positions and there are no private health care Doctors or Hospitals etc.)
Since the Health care system is state run and funded, it has been run into the ground. All the good doctors left France 5 Years ago, all the hospitals look like they are 3rd world hospitals since there is no money to repair them, half of the equipment doesnt work and not every hospital is stocked with supplies needed for daily needs (masks, gels, disposable gowns etc).
For 5 years Nurses have been understaffed and doing double the work because the Health care system is nearly bankrupt.... So add to this the mandatory jab.
So the result? Well they took to the streets by the millions and now all the hospitals just lost another 50% of staff capacity. My doctor just went into early retirement (a.k.a. he quit) and I have yet to find a replacement.
As of Aug 1st ALL large malls, retail stores and grocery store owners and their staff need to be jabbed and the health pass is required to enter for employees and customers. This would be the equivalent to closing ALL Targets, Walmarts, Costcos, Home Depots, and all major grocery stores. (basically any building over 20,000 squre meters) to those without "the pass".
Result.?? Aug 15th Truckers will be going on strike nation wide; Blocking all access roads in and out of Paris. Yesterday an entire airport in Northern France closed due to the majority of staff quitting.
As of Sept 15th All public areas and access will be off limits. No farmers markets, no parks, no national parks, lakes, rivers, beaches, recreation areas, campsites etc. and no gathering over 100 people, no churches, no weddi

Not one leader, influencer, politician has an OUNCE OF COURAGE!
If they did, they would be telling people to stop doing everything. Stock up, and then just stay home, and quit doing everything.

Stop buying gas.
Stop buying fast food.
Stop shopping.
Stop going to work.
Stop doing everything.
Stop paying ALL bills.

When the taxis, ubers, lyfts, trains, buses, plains, truckers, police, firemen, military, EVERYONE just stops, this nation will reset.

All this other BS will accomplish NOTHING.
The audit(s) will accomplish nothing.
The Trump Rallies will just be more echoing of the same rhetoric we've heard before.
The CPAC, Mid-terms, all that crap is just CRAP! None of it will change anything.
Legislation will change nothing.
We already have too many laws.
Demopublicans and Republicrats are interested in one thing, and one thing only: POWER, and they don't give two f**ks about any of us.

F**k 2022!
F**k 2024!


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