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Joe Biden's support levels are collapsing because of many factors, but the strongest of them all are the Biden/Harris open borders policies and Amnesty that are attracting and releasing millions of new illegal aliens upon the American public at taxpayer expense!

Unvaccinated, unmasked, and unimpressed by our borders, laws, and culture, these illegals are ready to conduct a form of warfare against the United States where they will be given numerous taxpayer-funded benefits, and their main job requirement will be to vote for Democrats every two years! If Schumer's Amnesty plot succeeds, illegals will take up badges, arms, and titles and be placed in positions of authority and dominion over US citizens as your new IRS agents, police, teachers, nurses, child, and family services, jail guards, etc.

Tens of thousands of Americans will lose their lives, and even the Democrat-run border towns are upset now they are prisoners in their own homes and communities.

Each American who learns the truth is another that drops their support for Joe Biden. Help us educate more Americans rapidly at...

With each percentage point that Biden's approval drops, the more powerful our political backlash in the mid-term elections becomes and the less likely Schumer and Pelosi are to pass Amnesty legislation!

Please rally to us at this important time as ALIPAC takes steps to stop the Amnesty plot in DC, identify and support federal candidates for 2022 who are on our side, support those candidates, and tie Biden and Schumer to the Democrat candidates who support these deadly open-borders and Amnesty plans.

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Ignore the Dissidents of Our Time at Your Peril
The political prisoners of our age are harbingers of what is to come for us all.
Sarah Corriher Most have already turned a blind eye to America’s political prisoners, who are still held in the jails of Washington D.C. for “crimes” akin to mundane trespassing in the Capitol building. Those who are still incarcerated are invariably not held for being violent or destructive, as has become the standard presumption. They are held for the non-crime of association. Those whom the government could find no slander that they could credibly relay to willing media organizations have been released on bail, albeit with grossly exaggerated charges. However, it is those who are part of patriotic groups that remain behind bars.

The Proud Boys, a right-leaning men’s drinking club, protected Trump supporters and conservative speakers for years in areas where police refused to confront violent Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters. Some of those patriotic men showed up on January 6th, to heed President Trump’s call. They expected more Antifa violence that evening, targeting small groups leaving the protest, as had become normal. In the fervor of the event, some entered the Capitol building. They would later be charged and arrested in raids that involved armored military vehicles and SWAT teams. The incarcerated people who occasionally get messages out to the public tell of their long-term solitary confinement without cause, sleep deprivation techniques, beatings at the hands of guards while in restraints, and threats of harsher treatment for speaking to the media.

Their real crime wasn’t that they walked through an already open door. It was that they were part of a group that is politically antagonistic toward the current administration. Federal prosecutors under the Biden regime have been attempting to redefine the Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, 3 Percenters, and similar groups as either gangs or domestic terrorist organizations. In so doing, Biden’s Administration seeks to reframe its political opposition as the opposition of the country itself. Therein lies the clear path to tyranny. It’s in the reclassification of one’s enemies as the enemies of all, so that one might justify the mistreatment of those enemies, and society at large will shrug with indifference.

Similarly, the same administration sees an enemy class in those who refuse the COVID vaccine. It has become a partisan issue, largely because the vaccines are not promoted like a medicine, but like a Stasi loyalty test, replete with a card that one must show to demonstrate obedience to the Party. Mandates were promoted with zealous fervency by leftist figures before eventually, the Biden Administration itself saw an opening. It was an opportunity to make unemployable those who are traditionalist, conservative, or just distrustful of the administration. They would be forced into compli

My feeds are screwed up, or they're releasing this late on purpose. Anyway, Corruption in #Honolulu , #Hawaii . People taking bribes. They're snagging them even after they retired.

If Senators Inoue and Akaka weren't dead, they'd have sealed indictments with their names on them too, I'm sure of it.

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#California Communist Fascist Dictator Gavin Newsom Faces Criticism After Admitting 12-Year-Old Daughter Not Jabbed Amid Own Push for #vaccine #MANDATE for Kids

#usa Suffers From The Worst Drought And #Mexico Leads The Way For 7 Other States To Share #Water Supply https://www.trueactivist.c...

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