The "popular vote". I don't believe in the popular vote. The electoral college is there for a reason. After learning about what it is, and its true function is, I know that it is needed.

If we do not have it, the smaller states lose their voice in the national elections. The states like #Hawaii , #Alaska , #Delaware , #Idaho , #Wyoming . We need to put the Supreme court Justices on the ballot as well. Take it out of the Senate's hands. Make it a 4-year term, 2 terms max.

Nigel Farage On His One On One Exclusive With President Trump
Nigel Farage just did an interview with President Trump, and Steve Bannon says this interview is not just the usual talking points. You can watch it on the GB News app. Farage says the interview will especially connect with the British people.

“I have a feeling in this interview, what he says about Harry and Meghan and their total disrespect for the queen, what he says about Boris Johnson having gone from being a conservative when he was elected to being a liberal, what hes had to say about the over-reliance on wind energy, I think Donald Trump is really going to connect with the British audience and beyond that.”
You can also hear a spirited debate between Bannon and Farage about whether or not the Republicans should emphasize the 2020 stolen election or look forward to a positive message about 2024.

The 3 letter agencies are abusing the emergency use law. It's only supposed to be there if there's no other cures on the market for the virus. There are cures, they just don't want the public to use them because they're cheap.

This is why I do NOT nor ever did not will vote #republican nor #democrat - HEY #RINO 's (YOU like McCarthy, Marjorie, Turtle Brain Mitch, Chuck U Schumer's friend) - all the talk and bull and your WWE Show, WHERE ARE THE ARTICLES OF #Impeachment !? WHY HAS NO JUSTICE BEEN BROUGHT TO THOSE WHO DID CRIMES TO #WETHEPEOPLE !?

I have never supported #LinWood . This is why. That #democrat is crooked, and has always been crooked. Telling people not to vote in an election should've been the first red flag.

The left and their voters love a narrative. Especially if it pushes one of their political agendas. The Rittenhouse narrative pushes quite a few of their narratives, so they love this narrative.

Liz Cheney, is no longer part of the GOP, she was kicked out of the Party by the #Wyoming #gop . #Oopsies . Which means, the GOP lost another seat in the House of Representatives. But, she was a #democrat in disguise anyway, so it makes do difference.

Liz Harris - The Election Fraud Is Worse Than Originally Thought, Coordinated From The Top
Liz Harris,is a private citizen who organized a canvass of the 2020 election in Maricopa County in Arizona. Liz begins the conversation talking about how it was important to canvas the voters to show a correlation between the forensic audit report. The results matched up that there many anomalies in the election and it was not a clean election. The election was ripe with fraud. The election fraud was coordinated and it goes all the way to the top. The people are now seeing that there are problems with the elections.

These are the 13 #republican Representatives in the House of Representatives that voted with the #democrats to advance the Infrastructure bill. This bill is probably going to cost more than the $1.3B stated. Remember these RINOs and vote them out!

Nebraska Rep. Don Bacon.
Pennsylvania Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick.
New York Rep. Andrew Garbarino.
Ohio Rep. Anthony Gonzalez.
New York Rep. John Katko.
Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger.
New York Rep. Nicole Malliotakis.
West Virginia Rep. David McKinley.
New York Rep. Tom Reed.
New Jersey Rep. Chris Smith.
Michigan Rep. Fred Upton.
New Jersey Rep. Jeff Van Drew.
Alaska Rep. Don Young.

Red Virginia, More Vax Coercion, More Fed Control
Some big off year political elections were held this week, and the biggest newsmaker was the GOP win in Virginia. Remember, Virginia was called for Biden right after the polls closed on Election Night 2020 even though Trump was ahead. The problem was never investigated, but through the magic of what appears to be election fraud, Biden won the state in the wee hours of the morning the next day when votes magically appeared. All that to say, you know the Dems cheated, and they have cheated again in 2021. It’s what they have to do because their policies are hated by everyone including Democrats. It looks like the cheating was overwhelmed by Dem voters switching sides, and that gave the Governor’s office and the state legislature to Glenn Youngkin and the GOP. The big problem for the Dems now is the 2020 election fraud can and will be investigated—no doubt.

Joe Biden and crew are offering up another vax coercion for 84 million workers. OSHA is going to require total submission to unscientific policies and an experimental CV19 vax. If not, there will be endless testing, job losses and fines. There is no appreciation for science or the 100 million people who have natural immunity because they were infected with CV19 and got well. This sounds like a desperate move in pushing this unscientific and coercive policy. Maybe it’s because the narrative continues to unravel in an embarrassing and criminal way for the Biden Administration. Oh, by the way, Press Secretary Jen Psaki just tested positive for Covid even though she was “fully vaxed.”

The Federal Reserve has done a great job enriching the 1%. For the rest of “We the People,” inflation is ravaging families, and it’s just getting started. Great job, Chairman Powell. Responsibilities should be taken away from the feckless Fed. Just the opposite may happen because there is a professor of law, Saule Omarova, nominated for comptroller of the currency. Omarova wants the Fed to have the power over all of us, including turning on and off our bank accounts. Heaven help us if she gets past the Senate confirmation.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up 11.05.21.

Jan. 6 Committee Announces It Will Vote Next Tuesday on Criminal Contempt Referral Against Steve Bannon

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Joe Biden's support levels are collapsing because of many factors, but the strongest of them all are the Biden/Harris open borders policies and Amnesty that are attracting and releasing millions of new illegal aliens upon the American public at taxpayer expense!

Unvaccinated, unmasked, and unimpressed by our borders, laws, and culture, these illegals are ready to conduct a form of warfare against the United States where they will be given numerous taxpayer-funded benefits, and their main job requirement will be to vote for Democrats every two years! If Schumer's Amnesty plot succeeds, illegals will take up badges, arms, and titles and be placed in positions of authority and dominion over US citizens as your new IRS agents, police, teachers, nurses, child, and family services, jail guards, etc.

Tens of thousands of Americans will lose their lives, and even the Democrat-run border towns are upset now they are prisoners in their own homes and communities.

Each American who learns the truth is another that drops their support for Joe Biden. Help us educate more Americans rapidly at...

With each percentage point that Biden's approval drops, the more powerful our political backlash in the mid-term elections becomes and the less likely Schumer and Pelosi are to pass Amnesty legislation!

Please rally to us at this important time as ALIPAC takes steps to stop the Amnesty plot in DC, identify and support federal candidates for 2022 who are on our side, support those candidates, and tie Biden and Schumer to the Democrat candidates who support these deadly open-borders and Amnesty plans.

We need your financial backing today at our secure online portal please...

Mark Zuckerberg spent $419M on nonprofits ahead of 2020 election — and got out the Dem vote

She should be careful what she wishes for with the #biden administration. Anyhow, every parent across this country has the right to have a say in how their child is being educated. Not the radical #Left , the #democrats , or anyone else for that matter.

This is still a Constitutional Republic, and we elected those people into power, and we can vote them out.

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