In response Walk In Verse to his Publication

Thank you for reporting this, and great video! I agree with you for the most part, but I feel that DJT isn't answering and dodging the questions for a reason, and you'll see why soon enough, you're like the people in Missouri and need to be shown, and I get that.

You're right this country is falling apart and this vaccine is bogus, but DJT is reminding people that he put the vaccine out, not Biden, as he always takes credit for all the good that Trump did.

The Trump supporters you're speaking of are who I call the Zealots. They're the minority making the biggest noise, but the smallest group. I think those people are probably the walkaways. They worship Trump as you said, and they attack everyone that doesn't think like them. They're the literal thought police for the right. Or they try to be.

In conclusion, I don't think Trump's a trojan horse, at the moment he only has power if we let him, he's a civilian.

BTW, You may want to watch the Ghislaine Maxwell case, the MSM will try to cover their asses on that one, the judge just ordered the district attorney to release the names of her co-defendants to be unsealed. I think that things are about to get real there.

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