Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
19 May, 05:28
The #StockMarket Is Coming Apart Like A 20 Dollar Suit As Fear Sweeps Through #wallstreet http://theeconomiccollapse...
Walk In Verse @walkinverse
25 September, 11:40
Wall Street & You: America’s New Slumlord

In this report, we will look at the tactics behind Wall Street’s big investors as they turn America into a land of renters. If we sit idly by, feudalism will reach U.S. shores shortly. And as the WEF states, you will own nothing and like it.

Grab a pen and notebook and enjoy the report

#realestate #wallstreet #freedom #news
Walk In Verse @walkinverse
16 August, 08:27
Wall Street & You: America’s New Slumlord (Walk In Verse Reports) Kindle Edition

As an independent journalist, each sale helps me to continue providing the information as I am 100% funded by you, the readers. Thank you.

#wallstreet #federalreserve #realestate #FactsMatter
Walk In Verse @walkinverse
01 August, 10:50
Walk In Verse @walkinverse
31 July, 08:39
Meet Blackrock, the report is here! Check it out.


#BlackRock #wallstreet #corruptgovernment #FactsMatter
Walk In Verse @walkinverse
16 July, 07:14
Get a free copy of the report: America's New Slumlord

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Walk In Verse @walkinverse
16 July, 09:56
No More Homes for Americans - by Walk In Verse - Walk In Verse Bite Size News


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Walk In Verse @walkinverse
09 July, 11:06
Get your free copy of the report, "Wall Street & You: America's New Slumlord"

#wallstreet #realestate #factsmatter
Walk In Verse @walkinverse
09 July, 09:05
No More American Homes as Wall Street buys all properties leaving American first time buyers out in the cold. | Walk In Verse

#wallstreet #realestate #factsmatter
Walk In Verse @walkinverse
09 July, 02:17
Ep43: Wall Street & You: America's New Slumlord - Walk In Verse

New report released. Get ready to see the future o American rentals. This is redistribution of wealth on steroids.


#podcast #realestate #wallstreet #bigbanks #factsmatter
Walk In Verse @walkinverse
05 July, 09:45
Still working on the BlackRock Report, but will break it down into 2. A lot to cover. I also offer an e-book version of the reports with all references in multiple versions. I price them at 1.99 as it helps keep me afloat as I have been de-platformed. If you sign up for my newsletter, I give the current report to my subscribers as a thank you. I hope to have some more updates in a few days, but I am in the middle of moving and packing. Hence, the long delay in a new podcast.

Free Newsletter: https://www.subscribepage....

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