Jezebelle Grace @JezebelleGrace
So, this chic bought a floating lawn chair ( had no legs but styrofoam under the arms) and some flippers and decided to head to her favorite lake for fishing. She packed a cooler in an inner tube along with some extra fishing lures. She grabbed her trusty fishin' pole and kicked her way off shore. She found a sweet spot and was catching fish like crazy, adding each one to her stringer tied to her trusty fishin chair. Along comes game and fish. They pulled up beside her, giggling. She asked the wardens how they were doing and if they wanted a beverage. Now, game and fish were trying to figure out what they could do to the lady. It wasn't a boat so they couldn't get her for DUI.. She had her fishing license and her limit. Her pole was strapped up, but she seemed to be having trouble kicking back into shore. She for damn sure wasn't letting any fish go as they were swimming against her paddling with her fins. Rather than being douchebags, game and fish offered to tow her back to shore with her catch, but she couldn't come back to the lake until she....
06:28 AM - Jun 06, 2021
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