CDC this week admitted:
- Current Covid shots don't stop the virus.
- They don't stop transmission.
- 88% of all deaths have at least 4 co-morbidities.
- Huge difference between dying "from" and "with" Covid.
- Heart inflamation, blood clots, myocarditis from the jab are real.
- 75% of all deaths in Israel and the UK are from fully vaccinated.
- VAERS accounts for approximately 1% of actual numbers, meaning there's the potential for 99% more adverse reactions, deaths, etc., so 15,000 x 99 = 1,485,000 deaths from the jabs.
- Cloth masks DO NOT WORK, and N95 only marginally work.
- The jabs do not reduce severity or death nearly as much as they claim they do. (eg. Israel & UK death numbers).

So, essentially everything we've been saying for two years, and being called a conspiracy theorist for, banned, censored, ostracized is: ACTUALLY TRUE!

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