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From a Serbian on LinkedIn:
"I cannot stay quiet anymore. I'll speak only for my country now, you all can make your own conclusions. It's a great opportunity to do so.
I'm from Serbia.  My country has been bombed in 1999. Why? Long story short, because USA wanted our gold mines located in Kosovo and Metohia, which is and always was a part of my beautiful Serbia. They couldn't justify their wish to take it, so they needed to create the conflict in order to have a green light for attacking us and so they made up the story that we were killing Albanians who live there. Despite the UN council not approved, we were terribly bombed for 78 days, from 19 NATO countries, mostly USA.
I need to show everyone injustice that we were witnessing. To make the things worse, we were the ones under sanctions. No one from USA and NATO is convicted or sanctioned. We were staying in long lines waiting just to buy bread, milk and oil. We were under sanctions if we show symbols of our country, of our suffering. Lot of civilian buildings has been bombed, including schools and hospitals.
Ladies and gentlemen, that's the "justice" and "democracy" we see from the ones who promote it the most."

Pretty much what Putin said in his speech to NATO. Zelensky wanted this conflict so he could finally get Ukraine into NATO and EU. Pretty sure he's got lots of leverage to use on Biden
03:43 PM - Mar 02, 2022
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