Breaker O'Day @Breaker
LMAO, this ass wipe is helping the conflict in Ukraine and decided to troll me on another platform. I made him look stupid. Don't be like this ass wipe. CloutHub sucks. Their platform hosts outdated script and is limited to 300 Characters, when Twitter has outpaced them already. And they ban innocent people.
06:31 PM - Mar 06, 2022
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Mr. Nobody @admin
06 March, 06:55
In response Breaker O'Day to his Publication
CloutHub is crap.
MeWe is crap.
I like Gab.
I use Twitter for news only.
Gettr is crap.
Breaker O'Day @Breaker
06 March, 07:57
In response Mr. Nobody to his Publication
I like Gettr, I've had no problems...Yet... Gab, I don't care for, it's buggy, Twitter, I use for news too, just for certain article elements. MeWe I like, even if they are Money Grubbers. I agree with you, Clout is crap.