Jezebelle Grace
So, American economics are capitalistic. So that means if you boycott a product or let's say a social media platform and do it organically rather than being kicked off, it affects the companies bottom lines with advertizers. Advertizers and businesses see that people aren't using that, so they put their advertizing money elsewhere. Pretty soon, that business or SM "platform" like FB and twatter lose money...and eventually, bankruptcy or out of business. It isn't rocket science, but, obviously most people can't grasp such a simple method ofthe strenghth and power they possess if they would just actually use it. I organically deleted facebook and twatter many many moons before the "purge" because I understand this. I told friends this simple concept, and always get the 'I agree', but rather than taking action, they continue to be glutton for punishment. The old "platfoems" will never retract from censorship. They are to far gone. It is the places such as here, and gab that are making and stand for your rights. It is simple. United We stand. Divided we fall.
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2 yr. ago

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