Jeff Hertzog
Part 1 of 3
#america , ONCE FOR ALL, It is time YOU collectively “We the People” Grow a PAIR, GET OFF your lazy Gluteus Maximus, stop sitting on the sidelines and get involved in saving your nation, you are 1 click away from total loss! YOU ARE NOT GOING TO SAVE AMERICA AT THE POLLS! On my Videos Website, http://www.jeffhertzog.vid... The Videos Below describe exactly under Law & the U.S. #constitution on how you can on a LOCAL, COUNTY level, where it HAS TO START; get involved, watch the videos, study, take notes, get involved, THIS IS THE LAST, FINAL CALL! Do NOT wait until Tuesday, November 8, 2022 – START NOW, Friday May 13, 2022! There will be NO tomorrows with #joebiden & His Globalist Allies, #KochBrothers , #GeorgeSoros , #Fauci , #BillGates , #KlausSchwab , #Kissinger , #Zuckerberg , #JackDorsey , etc. putting the final nails on this nation!

Scroll down to the “POLITICS” section ,
First Video First Initiative In Restoring The #Republic : Recognize & Install #GrandJury In Your County

Then #Militia 2.0: Re-establishing The #Constitutional Law Enforcers In The USA
It is NOW or Never! This is the FINAL CALL #america ! #wakeupamerica BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE! IT REALLY IS ALMOST OVER!
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9 months ago

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