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https://herbalremedies.one... Share this Life Saving Information for our Vaxxed loved ones and those around them that are shedders and spreaders of this bioweapon. Please share far and wide as we can help save many children's, seniors and people's lives! People getting vaxxed/boosted (not on this site hopefully, but some of our friends and relatives are, so this is to help them) are shedding and spreading this bioweapon (yes, it's patented) not the unvaxxed. You should always have protection against being around those that are actively shedding. The Covid-19 vaccines are manufactured with malaria parasites and spike proteins just to name a few of the reasons people are getting seriously ill with respiratory failure. They are shown to be gene altering (Changes Your DNA!) and also causing HIV and AIDS in many people. This needs to be stopped asap. You and your loved ones need to detox this crap out of their bodies, it will be life or death. Please share this so we can all be free from "forced vaccines" aka Euthanasia. #vaccines #vaccine #exemption #covid -19 #MonkeyPox
12:04 AM - Sep 12, 2022
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