https://zeolitedetox.revie... Natural Zeolite is an crystal mineral that not only protects you against harmful pathogens (viruses, bacteria, parasites and mycotoxins) but also detoxes heavy metals like graphene oxide, mercury, thimersol, and petrochemicals that damage your immune system and vaccines that are causing autoimmune symptoms like AIDS. Coronaviruses like covid-19 and variants (delta, omicron) are all flu viruses and that is why zeolite pure is so effective against them. It's the very best natural detox mineral for your health! Removes fluoride, radiation, heavy metals, fungus, yeast, viruses and even cancer. It is a highly alkaline mineral too so it will help you prevent a lot of dis-ease too! #Fluoride #radiation #zeolite #antiviral #vaccines
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5 months ago

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