Jeff Hertzog
Yours Truly (Me!) was declared by the #Fascist #NAZI #Communist #Satanic #Luciferian Office of #elections and #Voter Registration of Northampton County #Pennsylvania NOT ABLE TO VOTE under the guise of Pretend #legislation “I do not have a valid address” which is BS, I appealed with a copy of my Drivers License which I use a USPS Street Address like the UPS offers, then they said they will not accept those addresses & others like homeless, illegals, etc they use their Courthouse as their address, the dirtbag knows who I am, I got singled out since going public in 2018 about surviving nursing home abuse, The Big Bad Wolf says people like ME who vote 3rd Party is a vote AGAINST DEMOCRATS! I called on Saints of God & Jesus Christ and my Internet Church for PRAYERS OF WRATH & JUDGEMENT ON NORTHAMPTON COUNTY! More to come I hope, soon as I got off the phone with the devil I re registered! Stay Tuned! They already are ready for calls from media people and social media followers! Illegals get to vote! I voted my whole life! https://www.northamptoncou...
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7 months ago

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