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Educational Equity, Racist Mathematics, Lowest Common Denominator - Frosty Wooldrige
If you want to see how a civilization succeeds or fails, it’s irretrievably tied to the educational standards maintained by its citizens. If you’ve got a lot of smart people who excel in their educational pursuits, you enjoy a very successful society. Each person will be trainable as a plumber, electrician, doctor, teacher, police officer, firefighter, and yes, even a fully capable truck driver. We need each person to be educated to his or her highest level. If you’ve got a lot of dumb people who flunk out or drop out of high schools, you inevitably face a failing society.

The farther a society goes down the “dumb” rabbit hole, the sooner it ends up in chaos, mayhem and breakdown. You can see examples all over the world in places like India, Mexico, Africa, and South America. Nothing works because most of their citizens lack educational excellence to repair electrical outlets in buildings. Or, they cannot create sewage systems or water treatment plants. Or, they lack teachers to teach the young how to read, write and perform math.

If you watched the national news recently, a reporter exposed how Loudon County Schools in Virginia penalized top students in math, science, physics and chemistry. They hid the scores from SAT testing in order to create “equity” for marginalized students.

In other words, let’s reward students who lack the educational horsepower to pass math, science, English, calculus, biology, zoology, history, chemistry and other solid courses that will make them contributing members of Western societies. Instead, degrade smart kids who perform in favor of dumb kids who cannot perform…or refuse to study or have no interest in studies because they lack the brains to do the work.

Those are the kids who scream that math is racist. Why? Simple. They cannot perform the work…so then, it becomes a racial matter. Except, math could care less about your race, color, gender or ethnic group. You can either work the equation or you can’t.

As a former math-science teacher back in the 1970’s, that’s whe
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5 months ago

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