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Dear Friends of America's Survival,

Back in 2010, my group America’s Survival, Inc. held a news conference urging Congress to revive the House Internal Security Committee, the successor to the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC). Then-Republican Rep. Steve King of Iowa was asked if he would support the “re-creation of such committees” and answered, “I would. I think that is a good process and I would support it.”

King was eventually forced out of Congress by current House Republican Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy because King was outspoken in support of saving Western civilization and opposing open borders and multiculturalism.

Today, McCarthy is making all kinds of promises to conservative members of the House because he wants to be speaker. That's talk. His actions were seen in the attacks he made on Rep. Steve King. Kevin McCarthy arranged to have King replaced on various congressional committees. His pressure eventually led to King losing his seat in Congress.

By contrast, Senator Joe McCarthy helped uncover a communist spy ring involving foreign service officer John Stewart Service and Phil Jaffe, the editor of a pro-communist magazine. He targeted Owen Lattimore, a key State Department adviser and communist. McCarthy’s charge against Mary Jane Keeney, a State Department, U.N. employee and Soviet agent, was proven correct. McCarthy was right about Annie Lee Moss, an Army Code Clerk who was a member of the Communist Party.

By the way, the John Stewart Service spy ring also involved Laughlin Currie, an adviser to President Franklin Roosevelt, and they succeeded in manipulating U.S. foreign policy to enable the communists to seize China. Other top communists in government included Harry Dexter White at the Department of the Treasury and, of course, Alger Hiss of the State Department, a founder of the U.N.

So take your pick: Kevin or Joe.

“Kevin McCarthyism” represents attacks by the house GOP leader Kevin McCarthy on conservative members of the party. 

"Joe McCarthyism" identifies communists and their networks.

Why is there a debate over this?

For America's Survival,

Cliff Kincaid
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