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The Mannequin President: Stilted Walk, Not Quite Alive, Shaking Hands With The Air - Frosty Wooldrige

Let’s face it, Joe Biden has been blowing hot air and shaking hands with other politicians for over 50 years in that den of thieves, liars and cheats called Washington DC. Notice how they promise to solve America’s problems during their stump speeches, but when it comes down to brass tacks, they fail the American people on all fronts.

If they actually worked at their jobs, we would have solutions. Forever House Member Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi of California have watched over 100,000 homeless in their districts for decades—and did nothing. If Ilhan Omar of Minneapolis was honest, she wouldn’t have lied and cheated on her immigration papers when she defrauded us by marrying her brother to gain citizenship. If Charles Schumer actually did something as Senate Leader, he would have solved our $32 trillion Federal debt before it manifested. If the entire Congress did its job, we would not have an invasion at our southern border of millions of illegal migrants.

But they don’t. That includes your two senators and House member. They sit on their thumbs while they attend wine parties. Words count for nothing. It’s actions and results that bring improvements.

On February 7, 2023, Joe Biden, a man suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease, and who now shakes hands with the “air”, and must be led off the podium by his protective wife, gave a speech that he didn’t write. Furthermore, he lacks the mental abilities to understand what he’s doing to our country. He’s very much like a mannequin in a store window who looks good in clothes, but there is no substance or life under the fancy garments.

Whoever wrote that speech must live in “LaLa Land.” Wha
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4 months ago

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