Joe Rogan caught the Rona. Guess what he took? Ivermectin, Zinc, Vit D3, and Vit C. He's better by Day 3, recovered Day 4. Now he (like us) has 13x more protection with antibodies and natural immunity versus anything else out there.

Meanwhile Pfizer just came out and said people will most likely need quarterly boosters AND pills twice daily.

Everyone will catch it eventually. Around 75% of you will have mild to no symptoms, so you might think it's just allergies, or nothing at all, maybe just a little cold, but you'll be fine.

99.8% of everyone will survive.

We can always take the vaccines later, after they have been time-tested, but literally y`all who ran out to get the shots with the quickness, you know trusting the **science**; yeah, well now you get to take boosters every few months, and two pills a day, and, and, and WTF is it actually doing to you?

You can still catch it.
You are now spreading variants, infecting and killing others.
You can still die from it.
You have no idea what it has done to your immune system or dna.
You literally remove all antibodies if you had recovered from it.
You still have to wear masks and socially distance.


The inventor of the mRNA injections, Dr. Robert Malone said they should NEVER be used on humans in their current state and design. He went further to say they have tested them against Sars Cov-1, and they did EXACTLY what they are doing right now. Creating mutations, still infecting and killing people, WHILE weakening your body's natural immune response to the point that the original test subjects were dying of future infections such as a simple cold or flu, because their bodies could not fight the infections.


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