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Joe Biden's support levels are collapsing because of many factors, but the strongest of them all are the Biden/Harris open borders policies and Amnesty that are attracting and releasing millions of new illegal aliens upon the American public at taxpayer expense!

Unvaccinated, unmasked, and unimpressed by our borders, laws, and culture, these illegals are ready to conduct a form of warfare against the United States where they will be given numerous taxpayer-funded benefits, and their main job requirement will be to vote for Democrats every two years! If Schumer's Amnesty plot succeeds, illegals will take up badges, arms, and titles and be placed in positions of authority and dominion over US citizens as your new IRS agents, police, teachers, nurses, child, and family services, jail guards, etc.

Tens of thousands of Americans will lose their lives, and even the Democrat-run border towns are upset now they are prisoners in their own homes and communities.

Each American who learns the truth is another that drops their support for Joe Biden. Help us educate more Americans rapidly at...

With each percentage point that Biden's approval drops, the more powerful our political backlash in the mid-term elections becomes and the less likely Schumer and Pelosi are to pass Amnesty legislation!

Please rally to us at this important time as ALIPAC takes steps to stop the Amnesty plot in DC, identify and support federal candidates for 2022 who are on our side, support those candidates, and tie Biden and Schumer to the Democrat candidates who support these deadly open-borders and Amnesty plans.

We need your financial backing today at our secure online portal please...

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