When you are called to serve on a jury, will you be prepared? Most people assume that they know the basics of jury duty and that once they arrive at the courthouse they will be fully and accurately instructed about the details of their responsibilities. Yet that is disturbingly far from the truth in many cases. Judges and prosecutors often purposely mislead well-meaning people into convicting someone they later regret having had a hand in punishing. Some jurors find out after a trial that information was withheld from them that would have changed their view of the case—but it is too late for them to take back their decision. Many are misled by the judge's instructions and other psychological tactics to mistakenly think that they have to convict or impose a sentence even though they think it would be unjust.

We have heard from many jurors over the years who now have to live with the knowledge and moral injury from having mistakenly convicted or punished someone unjustly. It weighs on them heavily. Many wish they had walked into the courthouse already well-versed in the information on this website.

If you received a jury summons in the mail today, how prepared are you? Test your knowledge with this short quiz!

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