25 years ago I lived in and through the Gulf War.
20 years ago I live in and through the War on Terror.
Back then I called out the faux war. Most of you have no idea; still don't. Both wars were bullshit. Without going through all of the details, I'll just bullet point some:
- Iran v. Iraq war went on for decades. We funded and supplied both sides with weapons. You can do the research as to why.
- Donald Rumsfeld & Bush Sr funded Al Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden, and the CIA literally sold Iraq the weapons (including chemical) that we supposedly had to invade Iraq to get rid of.
- We did it for the oil, money, opium, and minerals.
The issue is that some people know this, but they stopped thinking after that.
So what became of things?
What did we hope to gain?
What were the results?
China controlled the Opium market, (morphine, and dozens of other uses) and the U.S. were experiencing shortages, price hikes for morphine, etc.
Remember the soldiers defending poppy fields? Yes; that was real. I don't care what the fact checkers say. It was real.
All of a sudden morphine was everywhere again, plentiful, and for pennies. Heroin was all of a sudden 93% pure, instead of 30-40% pure.
America were the new drug dealers, but only temporarily.
China didn't like that, so what did they do? They released Fentanyl and Dilaudid; two synthetic opiods thousands of times cheaper, stronger, and easier to acquire than morphine. To teach the U.S. a lesson, we are now flooded with the deadly poisons. Heroin went back to 30-40% pure, but now mixed with fentanyl, causing terrible addictions, and millions of deaths. China don't care.
China owns over a trillion dollars of our debt in junk bonds, real estate, stocks, actual bonds, and cash. They literally own the U.S.
But wait, it gets better!
Afghanistan is mineral rich. You think all these lithium batteries just exploded on the scene so suddenly by mistake? No... China now owns Afghanistan. They pretty much always have. They controlled the opium, now they control it again. They controlled the lithium and minerals, but then we intervened. It pissed of China, and now we are literally done for as a nation.
China controls the electronics and chips we get.
China controls 60% of everything manufactured that we use from clothes to coffee cups.
China could call in every penny of our debt they own, and it would cripple our nation overnight; literally. It would set off a domino effect. Next would be Saudi Arabia who also owns over a trillion dollars of our debt. Every other nation would make their calls also, and I'm not bullshitting you when I say we would be Venezuela overnight.
So now you understand the true danger of this administration, but not really them; rather China and the puppet masters they own.
The ONLY solution for the U.S. is a Great Reset, but not the way they want it to happen. It would have to happen with the military, which is precisely why they are trying to get the military to go woke.
Now you kn

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