No one seemed to mention this:
Has anyone actually thought it through? If all cars were EV, electrically powered...?
Imagine a 3 hour traffic jam in hot summer or cold winter, what are you going to do?
There is practically no heating or A/C in an electric vehicle over extended periods, as it depletes the battery much quicker.
If you breakdown, get stuck in a snow storm, it's 0 degrees, no battery left, so no heating!!!
What are you going to do? Call Roadside Assistance to collect you and the other 400 people stuck on the road, right?
They can't get there because the roads are choked!
How will the road get cleared if everyone has flat batteries?
How are the hundreds or thousands of cars all going to be recharged?
How long will that take?
It's the same in summer traffic jams.
There will be perpetual traffic jams with dead batteries.
Charging stations, pull off lanes on all the roads? People sitting there for hours to charge their vehicles, and how long would it take for them to build these roads, all the cabling, electricity, all of that to put charging stations every ten miles? Our current electrical grid can barely survive as it is.
No one has thought this out, and it's more proof that our Governments are filled with idiots!

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