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The Elite's Obsession with Montana is on Purpose, and It's Bringing Pain - Montana Daily Gazette

Do not allow this to happen or MT is gone.


These communists from NY, CA are coming to MT and other Mountain states such as ID, WY and they will bring their politics with them. Shows like Yellowstone show it. If they come and bring their politics, do not allow them in local politics. MT people stand up and get involved and take the sets the try.

Authorizes health commissioner to develop and supervise the execution of a program of immunization against COVID-19 for state aid to schools; requires immunization for attendance at school

2. BILL S6495 - REQUIRES "IMMUNIZATION" of certain post-secondary students for COVID-19

3. BILL A2240 - MANDATORY FLU VACCINE for persons attending daycare

4. BILL A08398 - Prohibits organizations from accepting any nonmedical exemptions to an immunization requirement; removes religious exemptions

5. BILL S3041 - Permits any child 14 years+ to have immunizations administered without parent knowledge or consent

6. BILL A822 - Treats minors for STDs without parent knowledge or consent

7. BILL A416 - Relates to the "removal" of anyone deemed "potentially" dangerous to public health. The governor may order the removal or detention of a person or group to be detained in an "appropriate" facility

Amazon to Censor Everyone Who Speaks Out

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DARPA funds Soylent Green as Empty Shelves in USA - #BareShelvesBiden Trends

DARPA is funding the creation of 3D printed food from "mixed waste," to be served "when traditional food is unavailable." #BareShelvesBiden is trending as empty shelves are found across the USA, and the LA Times promises the situation is only going to get worse. The food supply chain is buckling under the pressure of mandates and quarantines. What is the agenda behind this engineered shortage? Find out in this Ice Age Farmer broadcast.


URGENT: Military Documents Show Fauci’s Criminal Acts of Crimes Against Humanity


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Worth the read: Why Was Trump’s EO About Federal Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure Deleted?


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Genesis 2:24 β€” To Cleave, What Does it Actually Mean?

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In this report, we will look into the Genesis 2:24 as we explore the word "cleave" as we dig into each of the letters which define the word.

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Most of us are already chipped. This is the true if you use a "normie" phone. Things are moving in a bad direction with Big Tech, led by Google, pushing to track us with chip identifiers that will counter privacy protections like VPN's, location permissions, and pseudo-anonymous identities.


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If anyone has seen this girl or knows of her whereabouts, please contact MT authorities ASAP.


It just keeps getting better folks. Either way, make peace with God. the ride's about to get wild.