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05 December, 07:45
Effective Storytelling: Strategic Business Narrative Techniques
The capabilities of Yellowfin's data storytelling are distinctive in that it enables users to blend narrative and data to create impactful, data-driven reports and presentations. Business consumers want variances in the data discovered, explained, and interpreted for them; we've noticed that they prefer to consume data stories over looking at data. Data stories work better than dashboards. Want to know more about Effective Storytelling: Strategic Business Narrative Techniques? Then you can go to this article.
yellowfinbi @yellowfinbi
29 November, 04:54
The Search for Actionable Insights | Yellowfinbi
The problem is most BI solutions on the market today still tailor their tools to insights analysts first, and other issues, like disparate data sources, static dashboards, and noisy data, complicate the search for actionable insights for regular users. This results in Businesses still spending time and money for analysts to interpret their data for them People finding it hard to explore, understand, and extract answers from their data, and Users eventually making decisions based on misinterpretations or guesswork anyway.
yellowfinbi @yellowfinbi
21 November, 06:25
What do KPI dashboards include? | Yellowfinbi
Key performance indicators (KPIs) are financial measures that corporate executives and other managers use to monitor and assess variables they believe to be essential to an organization's success. KPI dashboards are a great way for executives to manage their strategic goals more effectively and stay on top of performance changes, problems, and trends at a high level. Want to know more about Business Intelligence KPI? Then you can go to this article.